Some Like It Hate

“If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,”              

-An anonymous right wing extremist

I hadn’t really planned to write about this issue, even after ekg wrote her blog, Are they trying to someone killed…which featured a twitter message from Sarah Palin using the word “reload” as well as a map featuring Congressional districts as” targets.”    If this is what has liberals shaking in their boots, they’re pussies.

But… I didn’t see it as an issue worth pursuing, since what else could I say about the real acts of incivility, not to mention threats, which had been made by people opposed to the recently passed healthcare bill?  I do not condone that behavior, they don’t represent the majority and your side does it too, let’s move on.

But the left doesn’t really seem to accept that both sides are equal in this regard.  Not surprisingly they view themselves as much more the victim against crazed “Tea Bagger” hordes, spittle and N words flying, than as perpetrators of such threats and violence themselves.  And they are quick to make wild eyed accusations before all the facts come out.

Remember Bill Sparkman?  The Kentucky census worker found hanged with “fed” scrawled on his body?  As memory serves, ekg tried to pen his murder on right wing commentators in general and Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck in particular.  Of course, what really happened was that Sparkman committed suicide.  No apology from the left of course, on to the next hate message.

 And then there was James Von Brunn, the white supremacist who shot up the holocaust museum in Washington DC?   Von Brunn was a white supremacist, but he was a lot of other things as well.  He was a registered Democrat, a 9/11 truther, and hated neo-cons.  He would have fit in perfectly well at a Kos convention.  But he took his hatred of neo-cons to the next level.  He had intended to attack the offices of The Weekly Standard, the neo conservative political magazine.

So the left gets it wrong; a lot.  Mainly because they can’t wait for the facts, they already know them.  Those “facts” are bouncing around in their heads just waiting for a headline, so instant accusations need not wait for verification.

The Seattle Times originally reported that a rock was thrown threw the window of the offices of Democratic Representative Driehaus.   The problem?  His office is located on the 30th floor.  There are some Tea Party giants afoot!

Then there was the misreported Congressman Carnahan coffin incident, which was first reported as practically a scene from the Godfather, with a coffin left on Carnahan’s front lawn as a warning.  Practically a horse’s head.  The actual Tea Partiers who actually had the coffin tell a different story.

Contrary to reports that a coffin was placed on Rep. Russ Carnahan’s (D-Mo.) lawn on Mar. 21 while the House voted on the health care bill, the casket was never put on his property and was not used to signify a threat against him, according to the tea party activists who used it.

The coffin, in fact, was used as a prop at a prayer vigil on Mar. 21 to symbolize the “loss of freedom and the loss of lives due to government medical rationing,” said the activists. Further, the coffin, made of wood and stained a medium brown, was always in the possession of Bill Hennessy, a member of the St. Louis Tea Party Patriots, and is in his possession now in his garage.

On Thursday, Hennessy told in an e-mail: “How I found out about this story is last night [Wednesday] a local reporter called me and asked me if I knew anything about it. He said that Carnahan’s office called and told him that someone left a coffin on his lawn last night — and I didn’t.”

Hennessy also explained that the prayer vigil started in front of Carnahan’s district office in St. Louis and then was continued in front of his home. “The coffin was never placed on anyone’s lawn,” said Hennessy, and “the coffin was not left behind.”

Politco reported on the issue on Mar. 24 with a headline, “Coffin Placed On Carnahan’s Lawn,” and a lead paragraph that read: “A coffin was placed on a Missouri Democrat’s lawn, another in a string of incidents against lawmakers after their vote Sunday on a health care overhaul.”

 The biggest story of course is the “N Word” Controversy. Congressman Lewis was alleged to have been called the N word at the Tea Party protest in Washington DC the day before the Health Reform bill was voted on.  I say alleged, because even though it was widely reported in the MSM as fact, the only witness to hearing the word is Rep. Cleaver, of spittle fame.  Congressman Lewis, canny as ever, never confirmed that he heard that particular epitaph, instead related that he heard “kill the bill.”  The fact that the encounter was taped with multiple video cameras by Rep. Jackson doesn’t really lend creditability to the charges.  If the target of the word didn’t hear it, and multiple video cameras didn’t catch it (and if they had we would have seen it a hundred times by now), I will maintain my call of shenanigans on this.  I’m perfectly willing to change my mind of course, as soon as either some video or multiple witnesses come forward.

I’ll be waiting.

There is big money on it too.  Blogger Andrew Breitbart had offered $10,000 (now raised to $100,000) donated to the United Negro College Fund for evidence that the N word was used towards Lewis even once.  A sure loser if he was opening the bet up all the way back to the civil rights era, but for this most recent incident?  No one has tried to collect it yet.

Shame too.  A phony racial incident is a terrible thing to waste.

Give credit to Al Sharpton for trying to say he had seen a tape for it, before having to backtrack  (starts around the 4 minute mark)!

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”

     -An anonymous right wing extremist

These purposefully misreported incidents, amusing as they are, shouldn’t detract from really incidents of course.

Every reasonable person of good will regardless of political persuasion, should be quick and clear in condemning any death threats, intimidation, or acts of violence and vandalism. Right?

Apparently no.

And that’s what inspired me to write this.

Ekg, in responding to me in a comment on her blog, saw no comparison between the violence and hate that the left perpetrated.  Why?  Because the violence and hate of the left was justified!

let’s not forget the outright hate and anger caused by 8 years of GOP policy and let’s face it, a black man being President..

Mike will never admit that these things are a problem for some people though.. so he will never see the reality that is being played out all around him. Which in a way is sad, because it’s historic and to be a part of history but burying your head so you don’t witness it.. is a waste..the fact is there was anger and distrust under Bush.. and it was well deserved

Although the perennial call to racism as excuse was interesting, that was still more of the same from some one who can’t view dissent against the policy positions of this administration in any other terms than racism, the Frank Rich meme, I found myself most fascinated with the her view that that the hatred and anger towards the Bush administration was a perfectly legitimate response to Republican control of government.  Of course people threatened to assassinate Bush!  They had no choice!

I despair sometimes, that if we can’t even agree on civility without one side feeling their incivility was justified while the other side’s incivility is based on racism, sexism, homophobia, or whatever the current hot buttons of the left are, then how can we ever talk?

If your hate is justified, then you can excuse anything your side does.  So far, only the left seems to have that position, but how long will that last?      

It’s scary enough that one side has already figured out how to justify their threats and violence.  Imagine what happens when the other side does as well.


“Things got a little out of hand.  It’s just this war and that lying son of a bitch, Johnson.

            – Jenny’s dirt foot hippie boyfriend from “Forrest Gump”


 *Update*  ekg streniously objected to my characterization of her comments on her blog as being indifferent at best and supportive at worst of political violence committed by the left  on the Muche weboard.  It’s only fair of me to note that she totally disagreed with how I viewed her words, and as she emphatically stated that she does not in any way support political violence by the left, I will take her at her word and withdraw that characterization of her remarks.





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4 thoughts on “Some Like It Hate

  1. is not how anyone should go thru life.. but you do seem to be content there..

    You’ve been given evidence of what a leader saying things like “reload” or “Locked and Loaded” actually caused.. like clockwork you buried your head and ignored it.. because had you admitted to reading it you couldn’t have lied in this blog..

    Von Brunn was a ‘birther’.. enough said

    Hutaree militants.. out for the Anti-Christ.. who did GOP leader say was bringing Armageddon? who is responsible for Armageddon, who do 1 in 4 republicans believe is the Armageddon bringing ‘anti-Christ’..

    you have examples of what dangerous levels of rhetoric cause.. what GOP leaders still to this day egg on and their entire TV stations encourages.. but it doesn’t register as serious.. only silly liberals being pussies

    your ‘coffin’ story.. really? if you looked outside and saw people walking around carrying a coffin in the front of your yard as a protest to you, you’d think “Oh this is just to symbolize their loss of freedom, not a threat that I’m going to be in a coffin soon”

    sure you would…

    even politico, which your ‘’ story uses as their facts said it was placed in front of his house.

    -Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the coffin was placed in front of Carnahan’s house and not on his lawn.

    in trying to excuse the behavior from your brethren, you don’t even adhere to what your links tell you.. you just go on your merry way pretending you didn’t read that part because once again, you couldn’t have used this example had you read it..

    and so because it was in front of his house and not his front lawn it’s just make believe…

    “if it ain’t on TV, I don’t believe it”

    ahhh I see, you’re back to “I didn’t see it on the tv, so it can’t be real” with the “n-word” incident.. you must live in a world where people will call others faggots but draw the line at ‘nigger’..

    its a decorum thing


    funny how you missed that which can’t be denied

    “DROP DEAD”: White Powder Package Sent to Rep. Weiner’s Office
    Authorities are investigating a package with white powder and an angry letter that referenced the health care legislation that was sent to Congressman Weiner’s Kew Gardens office today.

    The letter said the Congressman should “drop dead” and complained about the historic health care legislation passed by Congress this week.

    Vandalism at Gifford’s office after vote

    Early Monday morning, someone vandalized her Tucson office by kicking or shooting out a front glass door.

    Picture of noose faxed to Clyburn
    A photograph of a noose was faxed to one of House Majority Whip James Clyburn’s (D-S.C.) district offices Thursday.

    News Channel 15 reports that Clyburn’s staff also said that the congressman’s wife answered threatening phone calls to their home.

    the Stupak threats


    all that must be made up too…

    same with this sentiment

    nahhh.. none of those people would ever say the ‘n word’.. and when they said “browning’ would do the job.. and had a picture of a gun.. they really mean they were partially cooking their uhh gun..

    I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it.. the blood of whoever, (R) or (D) who gets hurt in this is on your hands and no amount of weaseling,lying or deflecting will change that.. sadly, it looks like that’s what it will take to make you a proud American tho..

    Ekg, in responding to me in a comment on her blog, saw no comparison between the violence and hate that the left perpetrated. Why? Because the violence and hate of the left was justified!

    Will your lies never end?

    Because the violence and hate of the left was justified!

    I never said that ..

    the fact is there was anger and distrust under Bush.. and it was well deserved.. but the hate and violence today is amplified by a factor of 10 and not deserved.

    anger and distrust was well deserved, we were lied to about WMD’s, there was a CIA outed by the Oval Office, we did torture people, we did illegally wiretap citizens….after 8 years the hate was deserved.. people were killed in a war that was wage on a lie, people did lose their entire life’s savings and homes because of Bush policy, we were attacked on 9/11 because Bush ignored the warnings..the anger was justified… but NOWHERE did I claim violence was justified..

    I am formally calling you on your slander.. I called you on it when you said it the 1st time, you ignored that and decided to slander me for a second can either ignore it again or fix it and apologize, tis up to you..


  2. I **giggle** whenever Mike uses CNS (part of Newsmax, hoping people read their shitty lies and think it’s CBS. Which, unfortunately, teabaggers of limited intelligence do) as a legit source of, well, anything!

    As far as his slanderous words towards you here and on the Muche: Over the past six months or so Mike’s become as dumb as Iceman and as smarmy as Gordo.

    That’s a shame.


  3. you are void of any respectability or honesty..

    I emphatically said violence was not deserved and any violent actions were not deserved.. and I said it before you wrote your blog.. there cannot be any other way to ‘view my words’

    not one part of your ‘update’ reflects your culpability in completly changing what I said to make up something I didn’t say….not one part apologizes for what you did..your update is a smokescreen to make it seem like I wasn’t clear enough and you just misunderstood me..

    the struggle was not in getting me to say I condemned violence,since I’ve said it all along you just chose to edit it out.. the struggle was and still is to get you to admit you lied .


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