How I Ended Up Here

Although this is a brand new blog, I’ve been blogging on the internet for years.  Originally I was invited to post at the now defunct Muchedumbre site.  The origins of that site are, by internet standards, ancient.  But first I have to explain that once upon a time, I became a fan.  I had never been an extreme fan of anything (Lost In Space lunchbox in 3rd grade excluded).  So I surprised myself by becoming a fan of a radio show of all things in my thirties;  The Monsters on Real Radio 104.1.  It was a combination opportunity; I was able to listen to the radio at work, and just being ready for the type of “hot talk” and comedy that the Monsters provided.  So for the first time in my life, I actually started talking up a radio show, inviting friends and co-workers to listen, and actually going to radio events.

From there, it was a hop, skip, and dial up connection to the radio station website.  At that time, the radio station hosted what was called, Comic Chat.  It was an online forum that graphically represented the users as cartoon like characters, in which postings would appear as bubbles above the characters… yes like a comic book.  That didn’t last long, but the radio station eventually installed a web board.  I, along with many others, became a frequent user because of my desire to chat about the show with like minded people.

But this really isn’t about a show.  The show was the accelerator, but the web board, and the community that developed around it, became something real, that powered along after legal issues forced the  radio station sponsored web board to join the trash heap of internet history.  This particular internet community managed to stay connected and eventually found another web board to hang out for a while, and then finally a permanent home at The Muche.  This was a true community, or at least as much of one that can exist online.  People got together, had parties, went to shows, camped, dated, married, divorced, cheated, then camped and dated all over again.  The internet circle of life.

Of course, nothing is really permanent.  But the site did have  it’s glory days of activity and internet hits.  It fed off of the popularity of the Monsters, and as the show was broadcast on XM Radio, internet searches brought posters and yes, more internet hits.  It was during this heyday that I was invited to post on the home page of the site.  The Powers That Be of the site had an original vision that included a home page that had frequent new content to attract regular return visits, with the intention of making the site a hub of both a community, and podcasts by some of the frequent, long time posters on the site.  Yes, no surprise that radio fans also nursed a dream of having their own radio show.  Me?  I supplied just a small niche; I posted about politics mostly.

But things began to decline as they always must.  The skyrocketing popularity of the Monsters leveled off as the show and cast entered middle age, resulting in a declining number of new viewers and posters.   And the estrangement between show and fans became pronounced.  The Powers That Be, began to lose interest in their own website and couldn’t even be bothered to update it.  Although never the most communicative bunch, their Asperger-like personalities lead to the closing of one of the most popular sections on the board, the political section, without warning or explanation.  At that point, the numbers declined precipitously so it became obvious that the end was near.

So although it’s popular to say it’s an end of an era and all that, usually by the time the era ends, there are few to mourn that era, and that’s the case here.  It wasn’t worth hosting a site for 6 to 8 regular posters, although I’ll regret the lose of the thousands of conversations, jokes, and comments, people grew up, got other interests, and moved on.

I’ll also regret losing the many posts I made on the site, going back to 2008.

But I’m grateful that the opportunity given to blog there honed my writing and my arguments, and appreciate the new hobby that site inspired.


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