Hispandering Executive Orders

Although I didn’t coin the term, ’Hispandering,’ I love it!  It’s a word that you understand the meaning of as soon as you hear it.  Quite an accomplishment when the prefix of the word comes from a made up government term of hazy definition itself.  Ahh, the flexibility of the English language…

So when I tell you that Obama’s executive order to allow young illegal immigrants to stay in the country and get work permits is hispandering, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Of course, the more you look into it, the more hispandering it looks like and the less policy change it appears.

First of all, it turns there is no executive order.

I checked the White House website for executive orders and found that the latest one, on June 14th, has to do with Accelerating Broadband Infrastructure Deployment.  It turns out the much ballyhooed “executive order” is really just a memo from Big Sis, Janet Napolitano.  Nothing about this memo is any sort of overreach or violation of the law.  It just covers those currently in removal proceedings and provides discretion for ICE agents to not waste their time on illegals who meet the memo criteria:

•              came to the United States under the age of sixteen;

•              has continuously resided in the United States for a least five years preceding the date of 

this memorandum and is present in the United States on the date of this memorandum;

•              is currently in school, has graduated from high school, has obtained a general education

development certificate, or is an honorably discharged veteran of  the Coast Guard or 

Armed Forces of the United States;

•              has not been convicted of a felony offense, a significant misdemeanor offense, multiple

misdemeanor offenses, or  otherwise poses a threat to national security or public safety;


•              is not above the age of thirty.

Even the much touted work permits are for those who’ve been granted deferred action by the agencies of the DHS.   And that’s not automatic; they have to apply for it which current law already provides for.  So this whole immigration action is really about nothing.  In fact, considering the lack of real reporting on this, it almost seems like a hoax.  There is no real change to the law, only smoke and mirrors to trick Hispanic organizations that this really means something.  It isn’t really a coincidence that Obama timed this right before He and Romney were to speak before the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials at Disney World.

If you need proof that Reporters and the media are nothing more than stenographers when a Democratic President is in office, you really don’t have to go much further than this story.  Virtually everything about this story that the Administration has touted has been false.

So as policy, it’s a fail, but as politics, it did work like a charm.  Romney was flummoxed for several days.  I can’t understand how he was caught so flat footed.  Obama’s entire campaign strategy has been to shore up his base, which he has proceeded to do one step at a time, going back to George Stephanopoulos’s contraception question in the January Republican primary debate.  So how hard should it be to know that Obama was going to make some sort of immigration move to hispander to the Hispanic vote?

Mostly the Romney campaign has been pretty good at waving off all of the everything-but-the-economy distractions the Obama campaign has been throwing out, but sometimes you have to be prepared to respond, and then get back to talking about jobs and the economy.  Hopefully Romney can already have an answer prepared by the time the Obama administration goes after the youth vote and tries to declare a jubilee on student loans.


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