Voting Present on Sequester

So let me get this straight.

Over the last ten months, the Republican House has passed two bills on dealing with the sequester cuts, where they’ve languished in a Senate dead zone, with Harry Reid refusing to bring them to the floor.

On Thursday, the Senate finally voted on their own sequester bills, a Republican one and a Democratic one.  Both failed.  Of course the White House actively opposed the Republican Bill.  Why was it so dangerous?  Because it would have removed the across the board cuts and given President Obama the flexibility to cut programs  to shelter some of the more critical government services from cuts.

That’s right.  The President actually opposed a bill that would give him the flexibility to shift the cuts around however he likes.  If that isn’t a complete abrogation of the President’s responsibility to govern, I can’t think what would be.  The President is calling this a crisis, but doesn’t want the authority to fix the crisis because… he might be accountable for something for once?

The President can stomp his feet and blame Republicans all he wants, but this is his failure.  And it’s the worse type of Presidential failure; deliberately choosing not to make decisions because they might be hard ones.

Voting present indeed.  What a farce.


4 thoughts on “Voting Present on Sequester

  1. Sequestration is just silly. Politicians made this up to put off doing their jobs that they get paid way too much to not do. At the end of the month, they have to decide on their budgets as well. I have friends that work in the federal govt and they are being told that no one knows what will happen so just sit there and try to work. My friends’ agency said we won’t furlough because of sequestration as of now, but we don’t know if we will have to by the end of the month. I think politicians should have their jobs and spending budgets on the line every day like other federal and state workers are because of their actions. I think Obama, Boehner, and Reid need to be sequestered until they do something that really affects the country as a whole like budgets and the economy instead of guns and abortion.


    • I think it really benefits the President to have this as a crisis, and for it to drag on and on. All the polls say the public puts more blame on the Republicans than the Democrats. So why would the President want to compromise and work toward a solution? We’ve already had a year for that anyway. Politically, this seems to work better for Obama as a crisis than a solution would.


  2. He’s doing what he’s done his entire career, just showing up. And look what it’s gotten him so far: a state senate seat, a US Senate seat, the Democratic Party nomination for president, the presidency, a Nobel Peace Prize; there seems to be no limit to what this guy can accomplish just by showing up.

    I am starting to wonder whether he may have finally jumped the shark on this Sequester thing. The whole “Blame everyone but me” meme is wearing thin, even on the media. When the WaPo is calling him out on exaggerations and distortions, the tide might finally be turning. Then again, there’s always time for the Republicans in Congress to screw up. Again.


    • I don’t think the tide is turning so much but that I think the media feels a bit easier about pointing things out that they would have been afraid to mention before his re-election. He’s safe now, so they can pretend to care about whether he governs or not.


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