It Starts with Deportation…

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When it comes to immigration, I’m hearing this phrase echoed more and more by Republicans, Let’s start that conversation by acknowledging we aren’t going to deport” the millions of illegal immigrants presently in the country.“

However I was really disappointed to hear that from Rand Paul.

Rand, as the most libertarian member of the Senate, may have come to his open borders ideas honestly.  Open labor markets are fundamental to libertarian thought, but the rote, we are not going to deport 12 million people (or 11 million, fill in your own number) is the first line in virtually any conversation with an establishment Republican about immigration.  In other words, we are going to have amnesty no matter what, so deal with it.

It’s clear that we are never going to have an equivalent of Operation Wetback.  That Eisenhower era program forcibly repatriated illegal aliens from California to Texas back to Mexico.  Although the estimates of the success of the program vary wildly, from 50,000 to 1.3 million, the estimates are much higher for the numbers of illegals who voluntarily left to avoid being detained and sent back by Operation Wetback.

However we don’t really have to go to such extremes.  Normal enforcement would take care of the illegal problem in a few years after we successfully sealed the border.  Don’t believe me?

According to ICE:

400,000 aliens were deported in 2011

392,862 aliens were deported in 2010.

390,000 aliens were deported in 2009.

So if the borders were sealed, using normal enforcement measures, illegal aliens would be largely gone in a little over 25 years.  However they would cease to be a major concern long before that. And that assumes there would be no self deportation, which has been occurring since the start of the financial crisis.  That’s certainly a quicker pace than the one we were promised after the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act of 1986.  We are still waiting for the borders to be closed as promised with that bill.

So yes, we can deport millions.  We already deport hundreds of thousands every single year.  With an open border however, it’s just bailing out the ocean.  If we ever got serious about closing the border the numbers of illegal aliens in this country would start to reduce immediately.

So as soon as I hear, “well we are not going to deport millions of people…” I know the speaker is not interested in actually dealing with the problem of illegal immigration.  They are only interested in getting those illegals amnestied; the quicker the better.  That tells me who in Washington is serious about the problem and who isn’t.  Right now, it seems that virtually no one is interested in doing anything other than amnesty.

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5 thoughts on “It Starts with Deportation…

  1. I see this, along with the toleration, if not acceptance, of homosexuality, as part of a long-overdue evolution of the Republican Party to sideline its extreme elements and thereby deprive the (non-)Democratic Party of an automatic constituency of one-issue voters. If Hispanics and gays are not being actively repulsed from the party, they may actually start voting on more general issues than just immigration and gay-rights. They may actually see that they don’t really have anything in common with the indigent base supporting the “bread and circuses” Democrats.
    So, since I don’t see the illegal immigration issue to be anywhere as important as the fiscal one affecting us all, I prefer to see the Republican Party broaden its appeal so that it can deal with the most critical problems first.


    • Gays voting for Republicans has been percentage wise in the low 20’s fairly consistently. I don’t think a Republican embrace of gay marriage will result in any increase of gays voting for the GOP. They are other things besides gay. They fit into other demographic groups as well such as being single, living in urban areas, childless, and being unchurched, that still add up to consistent Democratic voters. And no, don’t think that gay marriage in all 50 States will bring about Modern Family style demographics of gay Marrieds with kids living in the suburbs. Gay marriage rates from other countries that allow the practice show that only the tiniest percentage of gays will ever marry. It’s more a political issue than an actual legal form that will be widely used.

      As for illegals, polling has been fairly consistent that only a tiny minority of Hispanics are motivated by immigration as their primary political issue. Already a majority of establishment Republicans embrace open borders amnesty, but that doesn’t mean it will translate into GOP votes. We’ve already run this experiment before; the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act. We had a Republican President sign into law a far reaching amnesty bill, but it didn’t help the first President Bush translate that into Hispanic votes. It didn’t help the most outspoken advocate of amnesty in the Republican Party during his failed 2008 Presidential campaign. Like with the gays, Hispanics have many reasons to support the Democratic ticket than just immigration.

      Even if I thought the GOP could actually benefit from taking a pro amnesty position, it is still bad public policy. If it’s bad public policy, it should be opposed regardless of whether your particular political party benefits.


  2. There’s no way in hell illegals are going to vote for the GOP. Over 57% of Mexican immigrants are on welfare. To paraphrase James Carville — It’s the entitlements stupid! If there is an amnesty then you can look for social spending to explode. Not only that but they’ll vote to throw the borders wide open not only to Mexico but everywhere. That will be the end of America.

    There’s no need to deport anyone. The only thing needed is to make E-verify mandatory for any job, car, drivers license, bank account, house/apartment or welfare. Any violation would get a $10K fine per violation. They would leave on their own. They’d have to.


    As for homos, it’s already legal for them to live together, fornicate, adopt and procreate — if they can manage it. And, yes, its even legal for homos to marry. That may sound strange but there’s no law saying they can’t hire a witch doctor to sprinkle magic marriage dust over them. A number of denominations have married them for years. The SWAT team never kicked down the doors and the police never arrested them. So why haven’t they? Because most don’t want to. This is just a way for them to be obnoxious. As near as I can tell, they just want a stamp of approval from the courts. Or they want government to endorse it so they can shove it in the public’s face. Personally, I just think they’re angry at the world for being different.


    • Gays seem to want a government document to validate their personal, private relationship, and to declare that their relationship is actually a real marriage. Even though… it’s not.

      Under the new Senate immigration framework, E-verify would be done away with in order to develop a new, from scratch system that does the same thing as E-verify. The purpose? To stall for another 15 years or so any ability of employers to determine if potential employees are legally allowed to work in this country. That will give plenty of time for a whole new batch of illegals to come here and work. This time, those new illegals know they’ll be amnestied in a few years time.


  3. Resistance is futile, You will be assimilated into Aztlan! We must oppose all secularism, including that of Zapata, Lenin, Aflaq and Ataturk. The police must be respected like an auxiliary to the clergy. Saint Johanan of Damask said Islam was but a Christian Heresy, so long as they obey the Holy Father. Pope Benedict was right that molesting is not absolute evil as St Teresa of Avila told us priestly molestation is the ultimate rapture and molesting assures propogation of the faith by probiotic epigenetics. We must replace evil Deuteronomy “Common” law with advanced natural Napoleonic Law.


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