Trolling Feminists

I was being entertained the other day by a buddy of mine who for no discernible reason started trolling one of his feminist Facebook friends.  Now that’s more of a game that I like to play, although usually not on Facebook and usually not with friends.  And it was especially surprising since this particular friend is a very non confrontational sort who more often plays the peacemaker rather than the instigator.   He’s more than once tried to mediate disagreements between friends with a joke or distracting comment. But social media makes jerks of us all, and I guess basic humanity prevented him from being assimilated longer than most.  But the lure of being a smart ass pulls us all in eventually.

The set up is this:  His feminist friend posted a slightly bawdy joke.  As jokes go, it’s it’s mildly amusing to a guy, but to women, for whom the threshold of humor is much lower, it’s Hee-lar-e-us.  If you want the full story, go here.  The gist of it as that an old codger begins signing his credit card with a penis illustration.   Hilarity ensues when the card reader at Wal-Mart doesn’t recognize the penis as his signature and management is called in.  Funny right?  Well not to a feminist; at least usually.  In fact if my friend had posted this joke, he likely would have been subject to quite a bit of written finger wagging from busy body feminists.  But he got the upper hand and by lefty standards, the moral high ground by posting a critique of said joke:

Smart Ass Friend:  “Not funny, what if the cashier had been a victim of sexual assault? Being subjected to the drawing could have been a triggering event for her PTSD. Not to mention the stomping on her civil rights if she was Lesbian or Transgendered, this kind of humor is perpetuated by the hegemonic phallocentric patriarchy that has committed all the evil in the world. I bet you Ted Nugent would have found this hilarious…I’m disappointed in you.”

Extra points for the use of your typical “Wymyn’s Studies” terminology, that’s used nowhere else and serves no useful descriptive purpose.  Therefore feminists love to use it.  So that was all it took to set his feminist friend (although probably by now his former friend) on a tear of foul language, and threats.  After that, all my friend had to do to egg on another tirade of butthurt was to toss in a few lines about a living wage, challenging hetronormative behaviors, gender binaries, and of course the “-isms.”  Leftists in general and feminists in particular love those; racism sexism capitalism, classism and so on.  The thing is, you don’t even have to use them in a coherent sentence, just list them.

The thread proceeds in a predictable manner, screaming incoherence from the feminist, and the arrival of a white knight to defend milady’s honor.  A white knight seems to be an accessory that every feminist needs since she’s incapable of using man tools like “logic” and “reason” herself.  She needs a big strong man to heft those.  Hey, you can’t fight the cisgendered, transphobic patriarchy without a fella can ya?  Am I right gals?

Of course, as dominate as it is in our culture, feminism is a stupid ideology.  It’s the idea that there are no differences between men and women other than genitalia, and now that trans-you-name-it is replacing homosexuality as the next civil rights frontier, genitalia are less and less important to one’s identity.  Even though the stupidity of feminism has become so obvious that now only 23% of women call themselves feminists, it’s still left a damaging mark on our culture.

Oddly enough, the same poll shows that 16% of men call themselves feminists too.

Lest anyone get the idea this is just some misogynic rant, I do support equal rights for women, and love and respect women.  My marriage isn’t about me bossing my wife around and tossing my shirts at her to make sure they get ironed.  It’s an equal partnership, meaning she bosses me around.

And my shirts never get ironed.

8 thoughts on “Trolling Feminists

  1. I just, I just couldn’t stand it any more. So….many…. shares of Left wing memes mocking Sara Palin and Ted Nugent and the Tea Party on my newsfeed….I figured the best way to make her think twice about sharing a YouTube clip from Bill Maher or John Stewart would be to point out despite all her self righteous indignation at those on the right of her, (by which I believe she derives some sort of self worth because in truth she’s quite weak and powerless) there’s always someone even lefter than thou. That’s where her discombulation took place. In the echo chamber that is social media that reinforces her world view, she couldn’t handle being lumped in with the same people she loathes. It was like getting the Nomad probe to self destruct by telling her that she was faulty for thinking the post was funny. (I threw you that reference Mike)
    All in all not my proudest moments, and there are a few right wing friends I’d love to troll by getting to the right of them, but unfortunately that’s harder, because then you have to start to talk about trains and “Boncentration Bamps” (another reference for you Mike) and then it becomes this whole “thing”, you know?


    • I think what you’ve recognized is that in the Gulag (and America is rapidly becoming a politically correct version of one) the best way to distract unwanted attention away from you is to finger point someone else. Everyone may be standing around shivering, hungry, and hating Stalin, but just point out to the guards, “ Hey, that guy said Stalin was a poopy head!” The guards will ignore you and beat up the other guy.

      That’s why Donald Sterling can say some rather innocuous racial remarks, basically, ‘hey don’t post pictures of black guys on Instagram, but it’s ok if you hang out with them and sleep with them, ‘ and suddenly Sterling is the worst racist since Simone Lagree snapped his whip on a slave’s back. At that point, people have to prove how non racist they are by upping the ante on how “revolted,” “nauseous,” and “repulsed” they are by the neo-Kulak’s words. Expect gay marriage opponent and Orlando Magic owner Rich DeVoss to be facing the tribunal soon. And of course, all of us eventually. In the long run everyone who applies for a job will be vetted for political correctness. Liked a cartoon on Facebook mocking the President 6 years ago? Sorry, our company doesn’t want to be involved in that sort of controversy.

      How long can this McCarthyite hysteria go on? Probably until the ones who started it get called on the carpet for it themselves. And that’s what you did. It’s rule number four from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals; “Make the enemy like up to their own book of rules”


      • Also you know I was kind of inspired by the trials of Patton Oswalt. Here’s a liberal guy, hates Bush loves Obama, but when he actually goes out and does his job, which involves telling jokes, the über sensitive come out of the woodwork claiming offense to one thing or another and of all things calling him the ultimate insult, a rich white male. Then he becomes a champion of free speech and anti PC, and for a brief moment sounds like one of us…


      • There was a time when hating all of the right people would be enough. Things are more complicated now. Interestingly, a few weeks ago Patton Oswalt tweeted out a link to an article by columnist Mark Steyn about free speech. Since Steyn is a conservative columnist, Oswalt collected a fair amount of hate on his twitter feed. That probably surprised him, but he is in a field where free speech is important, but to the rest of his mostly left leaning followers, free speech is just another word for racism-sexism-homophobia.

        The left doesn’t have much use for the First Amendment anymore (not to mention the rest of the bill of rights). Steyn is fighting basically a one man war in defense of free speech all over the western world. All of the leftist heros defending free speech are decades in the past. Is there even one fighting the good fight now? Steyn is. If Patton Oswalt isn’t careful, he may find himself on the wrong side of a boycott. Now days, no defense of free speech goes unpunished.

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