Wet Foot/Dry Foot Democrats

The ongoing and apparently not-close-to-ending border crisis allows once again the public discussion of immigration, illegals, amnesty… in other words a bunch of issues that the country is in near permanent deadlock about.  Although some of my friends on the right think  this border rush of streams of children and mothers from Central America is all part of some clever Obama scheme, it seems to me to be the dumbest clever scheme ever. If Obama’s intention was to use this crisis to pass “comprehensive immigration reform;” a code word for amnesty, he’s just screwed the pooch.

Gallup shows that the support for immigration in general has tanked since the beginning of the border crisis.

And Rasmussen shows that “59% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the primary focus of any new immigration legislation passed by Congress should be to send the young illegal immigrants back home as quickly as possible.  Just 27% say it should focus instead on making it easier for these illegal immigrants to remain in the United States.”

That makes me think there is a big gulf between what the American people think about immigration and what its elected officials think.  The problem is, it’s sometimes hard to tell what our political leaders think.  Pelosi’s comments when she visited the border patrol facility in Brownsville, Texas sounded incoherent.

“I wish I could take all those children home with me…” 

“We’re all Americans in this hemisphere, North and South America.”

Eh, what does that mean in terms of policy?  Does she support letting all of the children stay, regardless of the circumstances?  Is she planning to adopt them all?  Or does she mean everyone in the Western Hemisphere should be allowed to enter the United States? It sounds like a jumble of nonsense but the rest of the Democratic leadership is just as bad. Breitbart collected a list of the ramblings.  See if you can pick out a policy here:

“House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) claimed America already has “extensive border security” while Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said the well-being of the illegal immigrant children “must be our first priority.”

Reps. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) “Yes, we need to match needs of our economy and our country’s values to our visa system.”

Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) said taxpayers should pay for more lawyers for illegal immigrant children, and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) went further, saying “every” illegal immigrant child should get legal representation.

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) insisted that amnesty legislation would “raise wages” even though the Congressional Budget Office determined that the influx of more foreign workers would lower the wages of American workers.

If our political leaders are this stupid, one can only imagine how stupid the internet is on this issue.  I decided to collect the biggest reasons given for amnesty by left leaning folks on one of my political forums:

  • Americans are basically illegal aliens too and since we have no right to be here, we’ve no right to keep anyone else out.
  • Immigration laws are basically unenforceable so don’t even bother.
  • Border Control is too expensive. (I was shocked!  It was the first time I’ve heard anyone on the left concerned with how to pay for something.)
  • Opposition to illegal immigration is based on racism.
  • And related, to reduce the percentage of Whites in the United States.
  • The US has destroyed almost every country so people have no choice but to come here.

Compare the positions of these Yo Yos with our actual elected leaders.  There isn’t that big a difference, although the internet nuts are more direct, but it does give you, if you sift long enough, an actual position for Democrats on immigration.

Democrats seem to have an unspoken support for a form of Wet Foot/Dry Foot policy.  That policy, which we apply to Cuba under the Cuban Adjustment Act, allows Cubans who arrive in the United States to stay and apply for permanent residence.  However it doesn’t apply if Cubans are intercepted at sea.  So if a Cuban can get to the US, it’s like touching safe in a game of freeze tag.  They made it.  Democrats in policy and action sound like they want to apply that policy to every country in the world, not just Cuba.  They have not said it, yet, but it’s the most logical conclusion to their mish mash of statements.


9 thoughts on “Wet Foot/Dry Foot Democrats

  1. “Immigration laws are basically unenforceable so don’t even bother.”

    No more so than speed limits. Yet I don’t hear too many people advocating for their abolition so police can focus on “more important” things.


  2. Most of these “children” (80%+ according to pew) are teenagers, and given that most are probably shaving years off their actual age, you have to wonder how many are minors at all. There is a good (but left leaning) documentary on this called “Which Way Home” that describes a culture in central america where “going north” is kind of like “going to college” here. And no, most of these immigrants aren’t fleeing certain death from gangs. They’re just sick of life where they are and think america will solve all their problems. A good number are emotionally disturbed teenage runaways… just what we need more of for a thriving society.

    On a related note, my neighbor just had his roof replaced by a bunch of Guatemalans.


    • I’ve been noticing more and more quotes around the word “children” when referring to our illegal deluge. I think it’s obvious that there are not that many plucky nine year olds clutching their baby doll that are making the hundreds of miles of perilous journey north. It’s more like gangbanger teenagers. Hopefully, Pelosi will adopt them and they can all move into some of her many mansions.


  3. I’m so liberal but this issue is maddening. People are only sending their brats to the US so they have an excuse to come here legally some day. We should just round up the kids, send them to a Mexican jail, and send a letter to their parent/families to come pick them up. You can’t just show up to someone’s house and say life was hard for me next door so I’m going to live here now. I so hate that the Democrats are pushing me towards the right on this. Well, towards the middle anyway I can’t ever be a Republican.


    • “You can’t just show up to someone’s house and say life was hard for me next door so I’m going to live here now.”

      That used to be known as common sense.

      I don’t think it’s an issue of becoming Republican, but you have to wonder why the Democrats, who still claim to be the party of the working class, are doing everything in their power to drive down the wage rates and employment opportunities for the working class by importing their replacements. Of course the Republicans are trying to do the same thing, but at least the Republican Party is split on the issue. There are no such splits with the Democrats. The only hope of the Democrats putting the breaks on this is if the CBC starts having problems with it. So far, they’ve been going along, but at some point you have to start worrying about your constituents.


      • People lose all sense when talking about things involving children. I’m annoyed it turned into an “innocent immigrant children” issue. I don’t like kids so it doesn’t matter to me. I still say chuck them out.


      • Well, not everyone shares your indifference to children. So the idea of little kiddies does tend to evoke some sympathy. I think more real pictures of these tykes, showing that they are more tattooed teenage gangbangers rather than adorable 9 year olds with pig tails.


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