Some Holiday Reads

I’m too lazy to add anything to the commentary during the Christmas season (yes I said it, Christmas!), but frankly, there are a lot of good reads out that I recommend that say much the same thing I would say, if I was twice as talented and had ten times the motivation.  But hey, I’m actually busy with family things, so here are a few reads I recommend

Confessions of a Reluctant Culture Warrior

A good analysis of the year in crazy that this past year has been as political correctness has gone absolutely bedbug crazy.  I would say we’ve hit peak PC and some sanity should return any second, but I’ve thought that for years and we’ve just gone crazier.

And speaking of politically correct nonsense…

Do the Left Thing

My first thought, “Hey a funny parody!”  My second thought, “Am I sure?”  These days, it’s hard to tell.  For example…

“Listen When I Talk To You”: How White Entitlement marred my trip to a Furgeson teach-in

Sadly, not a parody.

For a more serious look at the same mentality, try out this article by Heather MacDonald:

The Microaggression Farce

In the political corruption department:

Ecuador Family Wins Favors After Donations to Democrats

Switch the parties from Democrat to Republican, and this might be the biggest political scandal of the year.  As it is, this will probably be the only story you’ll read about this.

And of course no collection of links would be complete without one from Mark Steyn.

The Real Battle For America is over Culture, not Elections

And in that vein, I’ve been gifted a copy of Mark Steyn’s After America.  I’m sure I’ll be even gloomier for the new year.

4 thoughts on “Some Holiday Reads

  1. I just read the Heather MacDonald piece. The year I graduated from college, the school instituted a “gender studies” program, and I remember thinking… how could such a ludicrous idea ever endure? Surely it will collapse after a few semesters when nobody takes their classes. How naive I was!

    Articles like this make me dread sending my children to college.


  2. Now I’ve read Confessions of Reluctant Culture Warrior. It’s interesting he describes the left as claiming the high ground of science, when in fact the left is perfectly content to ignore science and hard facts when it suits them. Leftists are the fiercest proponents of blank slatism, for example, when there is little science behind this notion.


    • As far as colleges go, as long as your kids are going to study something real, like business or something STEM, they should be fine. It’s the social sciences and fine arts departments that are damaged.

      Although Leftists don’t much like the science that doesn’t agree with them, since they control the media, they control who says what “science” is.


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