Caitlin Jenner and Rachel Dolezal’s differing Delusions

“She[Bruce Jenner] is, in that sense, transitioning from a Jenner to a full-blown Kardashian”Mark Steyn


I wasn’t sure I was even going to write about Bruce Jenner “transitioning” to a woman.  I mean, sorry folks, but he’s not actually a woman.  A person’s sex is not a social construct; it’s a biological reality, unchanged by hash tags or E Television.   You can’t just change your sex with hormones, surgery, or a new twitter account. The fact that people are buying into his delusion is frightening.  In the old days, if a person thought they were Napoleon we threw them in a lunatic asylum.  Now I guess we would make him emperor of France.  We’re even allowing him to take his delusion to medical extremes.  Doctor’s are allowed to pump a man full of female hormones, regardless of the damage to his body, so he can pretend to be a woman, but won’t pump male hormones into a male for the purpose of enhancing athletic performance.

I’m not mad at the guy, just the opposite.  I feel bad for the suffering he’s enduring with this psychological disorder.  Although we’ve made enormous advances in medicine, it seems in some ways when it comes to psychiatric and psychological disorders, we’re still in the dark ages, applying leeches. But the outing of Jenner’s disorder does explain a lot of things, such as his marriage to Kris Kardashian. If I’m mad at anything, it’s the media’s reaction.  Their praise for his “courage,” and the use of female pronouns when referring to Jenner seems to justify his delusion.  Apparently style books in newsrooms have totally gone crazy.  But…. given that there isn’t much in the way of real treatment for disorders like Jenner’s, if prancing around in a dress make him feel better, than he should do it. But after reading that Jenner’s son Brody has a girlfriend named Kaitlynn, I recommend Bruce continue with a lot of therapy.  It sounds like he needs it.


But when is a delusion a fraud?  Or….did the fraud come first, and then the delusion?  I’m referring to Rachel Dolezal, leader of the Spokane NAACP and self proclaimed African American. In a way, I’m surprised we don’t have more Rachels.  A white liberal, from a white liberal family; so identifies with victimhood and victimization that she wants to be that victim.  Despising her white privileged skin, she adopts a different personal, pulls a Soul Man and gets a scholarship to attend Howard University and basically lived with it for years; successfully too.  Faking being Black, getting a scholarship meant for a Black person…if that doesn’t define White Privilege; I don’t know what does.

She became the leader of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington.  Whether the NAACP knew she was white or that’s a chapter filled with the biggest collection of dummies ever.  In any case, they’re supporting her.   How long they will I don’t know.  I don’t see how this ends other than her losing her teaching gig of “Africana Studies” at Eastern Washington University and resigning from her leadership position in the NAACP.

At some point in the future, after all of this is over, an interview with Dolezal about why she wanted to leave her position of “privilege” as a White woman to pick up the mantel of oppression as a Black woman might really be revealing.  However it’s unlikely that she’ll ever give an honest interview.  Why start now?

So Jenner wants to be a chick, Dolezal wants to be Black…hey if there are any Black women who would like to be White men, apparently the door is wide open.


9 thoughts on “Caitlin Jenner and Rachel Dolezal’s differing Delusions

  1. You know how some frogs change gender in a same sex environment? Maybe in Spokane, with so few minorities there some of the white folks change ethnicity in a spontaneous and involuntary way?

    As Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, “Ah, nature, finds a way”…


    • Maybe Spokane should be a test bed for President Obama’s new HUD policy. That might enable the area to achieve homeostasis and prevent the area’s inhabitants from spontaneously erupting into #wrongskin.


  2. My only beefs with Rachel Dolezal “choosing” to be black is her faking of racial attacks against herself to enhance her beleaguered “minority” status and the turning of her brother against her parents with racially divisive teachings. Her self image appears to be tied to a conflict with her parents and a rejection of them and their heritage.
    As for Jenner and Dolezal identifying as a woman and as black, respectively, who cares? It is only taking to extremes those who are so dissatisfied with there own appearances that they dye their hair or have plastic surgery or cover themselves with tattoos. I consider it a toss up whether to use medical science to alter the brain to achieve a state in alignment with the body’s appearance (not yet possible) or to make physical modifications to adjust the body to fit the brain’s self image.


    • The fake hate crimes is just part of the overall package. They are great entertainment though and I wrote extensively about them here. If you find someone who plans to intend to deceive everyone about their race, and work extensively in areas that are fairly racial, like teaching African-American Studies or be the local President of the NAACP, then hate crime hoaxes are just part of the package. I would have been surprised if she hadn’t gone to such extremes.

      Ultimately, I agree with your “who cares?” idea. But Dolezal’s case involved actual fraud. The student who she declined to allow to participate in a group project because he didn’t “look Hispanic enough” might not think, “who cares?” at the hypocrisy. So I really don’t have any sympathy for her.

      Jenner is a different case. I’m sure he really feels like he’s a woman. But I’m also sure he isn’t one. And a transsexual who intends to keep his penis is still keeping one foot firmly in the patriarchy. Maybe if science was advanced enough to either alter his brain or alter his body (convincingly that is, not just surgical mutilation), then I would tell him to go ahead and be a her. But science isn’t that advanced. As I said, we’re still in the leeches and bloodletting for that kind of treatment. And I don’t expect that to improve in Jenner’s lifetime.


  3. The end goal of this isn’t gender neutrality; the elites will maintain their gender identities all too well (recall the Upper East Side expose that described old-fashioned gender division). Rather the end goal has to be the upending of the family unit for the average citizen. Not to sound tinfoil hatter but this is part and parcel of some sort of thought-reorganization ploy on a grand scale. As an educrat once famously said, “Those who educate are more to be honored than those who bear the children. The latter gave them only life, the former teach them the art of living.”


  4. Agreed, Mike. Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”


  5. Isn’t switching racial identities one of the perks afforded Rachel Dolezal under White Privilege®? I’m not certain of this, but I think it is. I’ll have to look it up in the White Privilege® Handbook. As soon as I can find my copy, I seem to have misplaced it.

    As for Caitlin Jenner, in the interest of tolerance, you are now required to refer to her as if she has always been a woman, never a man. Which must make the guys she beat in the ’76 Olympics feel pretty pathetic right about now.


    • Yeah, they got beat by a girl!

      As far as white privilege goes, being transracial is absolutely the ultimate in white privilege, a perk society affords whites but denies to people of color.

      By the way, watching Dolezal interview on the Today Show right now…she’s nuts.


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