The Wall Street Journal Finally Gets It

After months of confusion, anguish, insults, and bitter tears, the Wall Street Journal is finally beginning to understand the appeal of Donald Trump.  They’ve come a long way from last August when the Wall Street Journal Editorial page declared, “If by now you don’t find Donald Trump appalling, you’re appalling.”

Now, William Galston is singing a new tune in Trump Rides a Blue Collar Wave. Right out of the box he observes something that the working class picked up on back in July:

…Mr. Trump is the staunchest champion of the white working class that American politics has seen in decades.

… Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, 39% of the white working class backs Mr. Trump, twice his share of white college-educated voters. Fifty-five percent of his supporters are white working class…

… Among Mr. Trump’s white working-class supporters, the demographic group most likely to back him is composed of men ages 50-64, with no more than a high-school education. 

And what do these non subscribers to the Wall Street Journal think about some of the Editorial Board’s favorite causes?

these men are the least likely to believe that immigrants strengthen the U.S. and the most likely to believe that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens.

These voters are least likely to say that government is looking out for the interests of the middle class or of white men…

But now working-class voters are in full revolt against policies—trade treaties, immigration reform and crony capitalism, among others—that they see as inimical to their interests.

For the WSJ, this counts as major progress.  They’ve recognized the problem, but…

Establishment Republicans, caught flat-footed, are left hoping that this is all a bad dream from which their party will awake in time to choose a nominee who shares their economic views.

…as does the Wall Street Journal.  Please stupid working class, go away or vote how we tell you!

What’s weird is that liberal writers started figuring this out months ago. Back in August, Matthew Yglesias in Vox…Vox of all places!  Figured out some real truths about the electorate in The Conservative Establishment is in Deep Denial about Donald Trump’s Appeal.  Simply put, polling wise, reducing immigration, as well as more left wing views on issues like Social Security, are popular across the broader electorate, including Republican voters, but no one is making much of a go for these positions because donors are uninterested in them.

So if you find a candidate that strings together popular views on reducing immigration and trade deals, and express concern that those two issues are working to reduce jobs for Americans, you have a broadly popular candidate, just like…well Trump.

The fact that it took the WSJ so long to figure this out, and the actual GOP establishment is still struggling with it, confirms the Republican Party’s status as the Stupid Party.






Random Thoughts about the Paris Attacks

An email acquaintance of mine of the left leaning persuasion emailed me a question as to my thoughts on the recent attacks on Paris.  I’m pretty sure he wasn’t asking for a news report but impressions.  My first impression was, “here we go again.”  Another terrorist attack that in the aftermath we’ll try to find a way to excuse; by denying what it really is.  For example:

No Zooey, it’s not senseless tragedy.  It was no more a senseless tragedy than Pearl Harbor was.  This was a planned attack with purpose behind it.

Liberal Man child Ezra Klein threw his two cents in:

Liberals consider Klein an intellectual so I assume that most of them nodded at his prepubescent wisdom, but to me, what does he think the new ISIS expeditionary force is?  At least one of the suspects was a refugee.  No doubt there will be more of that in the future.

President Obama sounded no less dumb than his acolyte. “This is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.”  No Mr. President, it’s not an attack on all humanity; just the infidel part.  And we don’t have any universal values to share.  We have Western Judeo-Christian values, and then there is everyone else, who has totally different values.

If anyone had the right to be self righteous, it was French President Francois Hollande and appropriately enough, he said all the right things: “[France] will be merciless towards the barbarians of the Islamic State group.”  Although I’ve no doubt the French military will find a few targets they can bomb, does anyone really think they are actually declaring war on the Islamic State?  That’s like him saying Je suis Charle.  He was no more Charlie than the Iranian Supreme Leader.  If you don’t believe me, ask Marine Le Pen, who is on trial for comparing Muslims to the Nazi Occupation.  After the recent attacks in Paris, I would call that a reasonable comparison.

So does this change anything in Europe?  My sense is that it won’t.  It’s too late for that.  After the Charle Hebdo massacre, there was outrage, world leaders marched together (except ours for obvious reasons), and then the world returned to, as columnist Mark Steyn describes as, “no Islam to see here.” I suspect this will have no effect on slowing down the tidal wave of refugees into Europe.  After all, ISIS has to replenish the ranks of its expeditionary force.

Zero Carb Day

Just as an experiment, I wanted to try to go an entire day without having a single carbohydrate.  For a one day experiment, I wasn’t really interested in the weight loss aspect of low to no carb dieting.  I was more interested in what I would eat and how would I feel?bacon

Coffee:  When it comes to coffee, I’m not that manly, I prefer lots of cream and flavor in my coffee, but even the no fat/no sugar creamers have carbs.  So what to do?  I came up with a pretty good alternative by using heavy cream.  That’s fairly high in the calories department but its zero carbs.  In addition, for flavoring I came across a coffee creamer called Walden Farms Flavored Coffee Creamer.  This is zero carbs, zero calories, zero everything.  It made a pretty good substitute for my usual fancy coffee creamer mix. And for a dollop of whipped cream, Land O’ Lakes Sugar Free Heavy Cream is a zero carb whip cream.  It’s the only one I’ve found in the stores although there could be others.

Breakfast:  This was the easiest; a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs.  With bacon, you really can’t go wrong.  However odd though it may seem, there are some varieties of eggs that do have carbohydrates (usually one carb per egg).  So be sure and check your egg container to see what the specific nutritional specifics are for your egg carton.

Lunch:  Again I kept it simple; a hamburger patty with a slice of cheese on top.  Like with the eggs, you need check the cheeses to find a zero carb one.  Although they are mostly a low carb food item, I discovered only a few have no carbs at all.  So again, you have to check.

Dinner:  Too much beef makes Jack a stuffed boy, so I decided to go with fish for dinner.  Tilapia is a nice zero carb fish, and with some olive oil and garlic salt, a tasty one too.  Of course, I put garlic salt on everything so what do I know?

Snack:  No evening is complete without a snack in front of the TV. But when it comes to snacking, the pickings are rather slim for a zero carb alternative. In fact, the only thing I could find was pork rinds.  Now lucky me I’m a fan of pork rinds so it was no sacrifice at all, but I’ve heard that some of the more primitive (non Southern) parts of the country may find it in short supply.  Eh sorry.  I guess you can order it on Amazon.

I monitored my glucose levels during the day, going from 103 after my first cup of zero carb coffee to 104 before dinner to 97 about 2 hours after dinner.  So I imagine if you’re diabetic going a day without carbs might be a good way to get your sugar under control if you have a problem with a swinging glucose levels.  However I’m not a doctor or diabetic so what do I know?  I’m just going by my own experience.

The problem with a zero carb lifestyle is that it’s just not sustainable for very long.  I was full the entire day and never had a bit of hunger or craving for something sweet, but the limited amount of food available that is zero carbohydrates makes this difficult to sustain.  I’m not even sure it would be healthy to sustain, but it can’t hurt to set aside carbs for a day.

As for my original question, how would I feel, I have to say that I felt fine.  No extra exhaustion or fatigue from denying my body those precious carbohydrates.  And although weight loss wasn’t a goal, I lost 2 1/2 pounds in a day.