Zero Carb Day

Just as an experiment, I wanted to try to go an entire day without having a single carbohydrate.  For a one day experiment, I wasn’t really interested in the weight loss aspect of low to no carb dieting.  I was more interested in what I would eat and how would I feel?bacon

Coffee:  When it comes to coffee, I’m not that manly, I prefer lots of cream and flavor in my coffee, but even the no fat/no sugar creamers have carbs.  So what to do?  I came up with a pretty good alternative by using heavy cream.  That’s fairly high in the calories department but its zero carbs.  In addition, for flavoring I came across a coffee creamer called Walden Farms Flavored Coffee Creamer.  This is zero carbs, zero calories, zero everything.  It made a pretty good substitute for my usual fancy coffee creamer mix. And for a dollop of whipped cream, Land O’ Lakes Sugar Free Heavy Cream is a zero carb whip cream.  It’s the only one I’ve found in the stores although there could be others.

Breakfast:  This was the easiest; a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs.  With bacon, you really can’t go wrong.  However odd though it may seem, there are some varieties of eggs that do have carbohydrates (usually one carb per egg).  So be sure and check your egg container to see what the specific nutritional specifics are for your egg carton.

Lunch:  Again I kept it simple; a hamburger patty with a slice of cheese on top.  Like with the eggs, you need check the cheeses to find a zero carb one.  Although they are mostly a low carb food item, I discovered only a few have no carbs at all.  So again, you have to check.

Dinner:  Too much beef makes Jack a stuffed boy, so I decided to go with fish for dinner.  Tilapia is a nice zero carb fish, and with some olive oil and garlic salt, a tasty one too.  Of course, I put garlic salt on everything so what do I know?

Snack:  No evening is complete without a snack in front of the TV. But when it comes to snacking, the pickings are rather slim for a zero carb alternative. In fact, the only thing I could find was pork rinds.  Now lucky me I’m a fan of pork rinds so it was no sacrifice at all, but I’ve heard that some of the more primitive (non Southern) parts of the country may find it in short supply.  Eh sorry.  I guess you can order it on Amazon.

I monitored my glucose levels during the day, going from 103 after my first cup of zero carb coffee to 104 before dinner to 97 about 2 hours after dinner.  So I imagine if you’re diabetic going a day without carbs might be a good way to get your sugar under control if you have a problem with a swinging glucose levels.  However I’m not a doctor or diabetic so what do I know?  I’m just going by my own experience.

The problem with a zero carb lifestyle is that it’s just not sustainable for very long.  I was full the entire day and never had a bit of hunger or craving for something sweet, but the limited amount of food available that is zero carbohydrates makes this difficult to sustain.  I’m not even sure it would be healthy to sustain, but it can’t hurt to set aside carbs for a day.

As for my original question, how would I feel, I have to say that I felt fine.  No extra exhaustion or fatigue from denying my body those precious carbohydrates.  And although weight loss wasn’t a goal, I lost 2 1/2 pounds in a day.




3 thoughts on “Zero Carb Day

  1. That’s fascinating. re eggs and cheese, they do have carbs (albeit very few). but the fda allows food manufacturers to label a food zero carb if it’s less than one carb ‘per serving.’ Since eggs are half a carb this is why they are labeled zero carb. And of course they can shrink the ‘serving size.’ Mustard is often labeled zero carb and zero calorie, but the serving size is one teaspoon!

    I thought heavy cream was zero carb? You could always have added bacon grease to your coffee!

    I never would have thought this was sustainable either but I’ve been doing it nearly two years now.

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