Trump’s Muslim Ban Had a Beta Test

Donald Trump’s call for a ban on entry of Muslims, even if never implemented, has been worth it due to the hysterical reaction to it from his political foes.  Words like Hitler, Fascist, and Racist were bandied about, as well as calls that he has disqualified himself from running for President.  And that’s just from the Republicans.  The Democrats are even more upset!

Meanwhile, a lot of people are wondering why the heck we didn’t do this right after 9/11.  The truth is that we did start to set the groundwork for it. The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System was set up in 2002.  It required extra screening, biometrics, and interrogation of people traveling to the US on visas from several category countries (i.e. Muslim) based on level of threat.  Visa holders from these countries were required to register at ports of entry and ports of departure.

So for a while, the government actually did what it was supposed to do. The program was mostly suspended in 2011 but it provided a guide that the government could actually do what it should have been doing in the first place. Unfortunately almost 3000 Americans had to die in a horrific terrorist attack committed by visa holders to take it seriously.

But frankly I lean more toward Trump’s idea. That goes the NSEERS program one better. Why allow any Muslim immigration to the US?  What is the argument in favor of that?  The reason to oppose it seems obvious.

Primarily, Islam and Western Civilization are incompatible.  I can’t think of a single Western nation that’s benefitted from Muslim immigration; quite the contrary. Nor can I think of a single Muslim nation that is open to Western values.  Turkey did try.  I’ll give it that.  Ataturk made a real effort to Westernize Turkey, but the call of culture, blood, and Allah was too strong for it, and now it’s sliding towards an Islamist regime.

The NSEERS program provided a guide to how to do it.  I would resurrect the Country categories:

Group 1: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan or Syria

Group 2: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen

Group 3: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia

Group 4: Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait

Resurrect the screening for tourist and student visas and basically prohibit any other visa categories, including fiancé K-1 visas.  Based on what happened in San Bernardino, if ever there was a case of looking for love in all the wrong places that was it.



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