No Paid Days Ahead for Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin, famed D-list comedienne and cousin of Family Guy star Peter Griffin is in somewhat of a career rut according to an article in The Daily Wire.  “I just want you guys to know, when I get home, I do not have one single day of paid work in front of me.”


I watched the first two seasons of Griffin’s show, Life on the D-List, in my never ending search for a truly funny female comedian.  That search is an entire post in itself, but the consequences for the purposes of this post is that I’m familiar with Griffin’s work, and her life somewhat.  Or at least as much as “reality” TV actually shows.  She really only had one unique hook, and that was her willingness to talk trash about other Hollywood celebs.  But of course, that has its own limiting ceiling.  You can’t leave the D-list if you keep trashing the A-list.  Still, Griffin hustled for work and made a pretty good living.  But entertainment is a fickle business.  Rape one teenager, or put out one jihadi picture, and suddenly the prudes start attacking your business model.

Still, there might be a little career left for Griffin.  Her famed jihadi picture was what effectively ended her career in the West.  Even those who hate Trump and love pictures of a Trump beheading hate being embarrassed by having their deepest fantasies revealed.  So are there new horizons that Griffin could explore?

Just a modest proposal, but since Kathy Griffin has worked the USO tour circuit before, she’s familiar with the Middle East.  Why not try working the other side of the street?  With the fall of Raqqa, ISIS and its associated groups must be really in the doldrums right now.  Fleeing from bombing, and losing your sex slaves could be a real kick in the teeth for moral.  So maybe…Griffin could find a fresh comedy market among the various jihadi fighter groups that dot the world.  Those guys could probably use a little fresh comedy, and what may seem stale in the US might be fresh as can be in the deserts of Syria.  “Look Ahmed!  The red headed, uncovered whore!  I would kill her but I am laughing so hard!” To me, this sounds like a win/win for everyone.  Griffin gets a refreshed career, and we have something to take the terrorist’s minds off of bombing something.

But Kathy, save the severed Trump head for the encore.


4 thoughts on “No Paid Days Ahead for Kathy Griffin

  1. my never ending search for a truly funny female comedian

    Not sure about standup, but for scripted stuff Jessica Walter is hysterical in Arrested Development and also the best part of Archer (playing pretty much the same character). Lisa Kudrow’s HBO show The Comeback is also quite funny, if not quite at the level of Curb Your Enthusiasm or Silicon Valley on the same network.


    • I can’t argue about Jessica Walter, or at least the character she created. Lucille Bluth is a fantastic character, as is her animated doppelganger, Mallory Archer. But those are both scripted shows. If you get the right lines, I suppose most actresses could pull off appearing to sound funny without actually being funny. I take the admittedly unoriginal position that chicks ain’t funny, and those that attempt it are heavily dependent on some gimmick.


      • I would think it’s genuine talent in Walter’s case; Portia de Rossi and Alia Shawkat got plenty of funny lines too, and both pulled them off well, but nowhere near as memorably.

        As for “being” funny (e.g. in stand-up) I’ll be a bit feminist and say that’s largely socially-constructed. We tolerate much less gross-out or sexual humor coming from a woman than a man before we start morally judging the comedienne or dismiss her as one-note and gimmicky. It’s the same reason that almost all successful male comedians are fat and/or short and/or balding and/or otherwise goofy-looking. Conventionally-handsome men are expected to act dignified while the goofy-looking are given much more leeway to be the class clown.

        Likewise, Donald Trump is an extremely funny guy, but the reason (even before he entered politics) many of his (in my own opinion, successful) attempts at humor fall flat with many people is because they consider his brand of humor beneath the dignity of a billionaire / presidential candidate / POTUS. Even the most uptight of his female SWPL offendees likely wouldn’t bat an eye or would even laugh along if their plumber were saying the same things.


      • “Funny” may be socially constructed, but hey, so is language. That doesn’t mean it isn’t real. But I think you are trying to compare apples and oranges. Kathy Griffin does stand up, which is kind of our baseline for a comedian. Jessica Walter, Portia de Rossi, and Alia Shawkat are all actresses, but they are just reading lines. They are not writing and delivering their own material. A better comparison would be against other female comedians. Sarah Silverman’s comedy is based entirely on shock. She’s not saying anything funny; she’s saying shocking things that have people laugh nervously.

        That’s not to say it’s impossible for women to be funny. Joan Rivers had a career that spanned decades, but that’s not typical.


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