What Happened to Fear The Walking Dead?

AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead returns on Sunday for its fourth season, and I’m of two minds about it.  First, it provides continuous coverage of delicious Zombie action after The Walking Dead wraps up its season.  Bullets, hatchets, machetes, it uses them all to good effect against the “infected” hordes.

But secondly, this show sucks, and it really had no reason to considering how good The Walking Dead was.  Of course I have to be responsible for my own expectations.  I had high hopes, and an idea of who the characters should be and what they should be doing.  And sure, one’s show-in-your-mind is always better than an actual show, but good lord, did they work hard to make sure every single character was unlikable and every situation ridiculous.

Of course the handwriting was on the wall all the way back in season one.  The show decided to take a slow burn to reveal what was actually going on, so in episode 3 the families think they are on the run from some sort of massive civil disorder, perhaps inflamed by videos showing cops “killing” rioters who are actually undead.  By the very next episode, they are back in their neighborhood being protected by the National Guard, and somehow, and some way, everyone seems to understand that the dead are coming back to life to chow down on the living.

So when did that realization happen?

I thought the entire point of doing a sequel going back to the beginning of the Apocalypse and show how it started, and what happened.  None of that is really done.  The entire realization of omigod the dead are really coming back to life this isn’t a joke what is happening is this the work of god or the devil and are there souls trapped and why oh why….  None of that happens.

And the military…this may just be a pet peeve of mine, but it’s clear that WD creators Greg Nicotero, Robert Kirkman, and Dave Erikson hate the military.  This may be a common attitude among Hollywood creators but it doesn’t usually leech out into the product.  In this case, the military and military personnel are constantly presented in a bad light.

In short, with unlikable characters and uninteresting situations, Fear is a bad show and after coasting on TWD for years, is finally realizing the ratings danger it’s in by providing a bit of stunt casting.  Lennie James, aka “Morgan” will be doing a stint on FTWD.  Since Morgan’s story has (through flashbacks) been fairly well told since the zombie virus, and doesn’t include a trip to Texas, that means they are either going to ignore the actual TWD history and just do their own thing, or have Morgan in the “present” and time jump the show a few years.

Oh time jumps; the gimmick that has more than worn out its welcome in one hour episodic drama.  With all of my complaints, I’m still planning on watching the show.  True, I may be hate watching, but it still counts in the ratings I suppose.  However, with the possibility that there could be further Walking Dead spinoffs in the future, my heart leaps and hope springs eternal.  Maybe this time they will get it right…



8 thoughts on “What Happened to Fear The Walking Dead?

  1. That is an oddity about Hollywood. Despite being so liberal, american film entertainment is rife with glamorizing guns and military prowess. I’m surprised the military isn’t portrayed in a negative light all the time by them. TWD is basically gun porn on a certain level. Very strange.


    • Generally, Hollywood knows their audience. There is a network show, ‘Navy Seals,’ that is 100% pro military, pro troops, ect… but it is no doubt produced by the same types of people who produced “Glee.” The Walking Dead shows are overflowing with guns, but a pro-military crowd, unlike Navy Seals, isn’t their primary audience.


  2. It’s 1230am and I haven’t watched this wks ftwd yet..I have to get up early and don’t know that I’m going to rush in and watch either.. especially since I have a naked and afraid XL to watch..ha. now normally I’d be in there by now watching but after last week’s wtf-totally-non-sequitur cluster fuck of an episode where the guy from Deadwood shows us in the end,he still retained something from that actors camp with his six shooters..I don’t know if I want to waste my last precious media hour on This wks episode…oh woe is me I know…but that’s not why I’m here..so if you reply and mention this wks ftwd,please do so at the end of your reply with a warning and I’ll stop and come back for that part 😉
    So why am I here you ask?
    We’ll, what the hell man. Am I the only one who watches Krypton? I thought for sure you’d want to watch..I mean you watch arrow so I know you’ll watch anything (💋)..so what gives?
    I don’t like super hero stuff which is why I totally Love Krypton..no super heros 😉..but an awesome back or really pre-story to Superman..

    So did you watch it?


    • I’ve not watched FTWD for this weekend (that’s low priority so it can sit on the DVR) But yes, I do watch Krypton. That wasn’t hard to guess huh? My opinion of the show has risen because I thought the main contradiction of the show, that Adam needs Krypton to be destroyed right on schedule is not something that anyone actually on Krypton is ever going to buy in to. So this makes Adam, by trying to keep history intact, the bad guy, and General Zod, by trying to save his family and planet, the good guy. I’m amazed they actually pitched that show.


      • See I knew you’d geek out enough so that I could follow…again,I dont do superheros..so I have no idea who Adam is…Zod I had to look up cuz I had a tickle of a memory from the original Superman movies, and yes I remembered him correctly from Superman II..but not being a comic fan, still didn’t get his importance..But I think the show has done great helping me understand it..and understand how you’ve laid it out..the good guy is actually bad and the bad actually good, for Krypton only thing…maybe not for us in the future who need Superman tho…and Seg has grasped that understanding as well..

        Cool… thank you for your reply.. I do hope this gets a second season bc I want to see Seg save Krypton and then find a way to save his grandson as well..

        I did watch ftwd last night so SPOILER

        I liked this episode.. don’t know how I feel about the ending, too cliche maybe..but am back to be interested in the storyline..


      • As far as Krypton goes, “Adam” is Adam Strange, a DC comic character who was kind of a John Carter/Flash Gordon/ Buck Rodgers type. In the comics, he’s the inventor of the “Zeta beam” that transports him to Alpha Centauri and gets involved in all matter of space based adventures. This TV version is a much younger, far less accomplished drop out who didn’t invent the zeta beam device; he swiped it somehow and in some mysterious way, used it to travel in time. The show has not yet explained that or much about how he got this timey wimey mission.

        General Zod is of course, the wit who came up with the famous one liner, “Kneel before Zod.” That’s quite open to parody so help yourself. But you can’t help sympathize with him more than Adam. Zod wants to prevent Krypton’s destruction and beat Brainiac, and of course rule Krypton. Adam wants history to play out the way it did, with Krypton being destroyed so baby Superman comes to Earth; yada, yada, yada. So if you are a Kryptonian, who do you think is your ally? The guy who wants to beat an alien threat and save the world, or an alien who is counting on their world being destroyed in 200 years.

        I watched FTWD today and am sooo tired of the time jumps. Just show the story in order!


  3. I have yet to watch the new episodes yet bc I am still livid, LIVID I tell you over the mid season finale..which I won’t spoil in case you’ve been lacking in your DVR duties..

    This comment is a twofer…the above and an observation I’ve made recently that I appologize for attaching to this post, but because it was an entertainment post instead of politics I figured you’d let me slide..

    So, if you have not seen any, please Google and watch a few Chris Cuomo v Kellyanne Conway “conversations”… Lmao, do they remind you of anyone? Here’s a hint, after watching the last interview Don Lemon said this “that’s 20mins of my life I can’t get back”..lol

    What could’ve been,huh?


    • I hate to admit it, but FTWD seems to have gotten a little better since the mid season finale. They’ve picked up at a more interesting point, dealing with a Hurricane that they couldn’t possibly have seen coming without modern weather services, and the tense Alicia vs Charlie episode last week was really good. I may have to reconsider…

      As for Cuomo v Conway, I admit I’ve not seen any of that, although I’ve seen plenty of Conway on other venues. I will have to check it out.


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