Return to Krypton

So popular are super hero properties these days that they are actually making TV shows that don’t include any actual superheroes.  The long running Gotham concluded its series run this spring by finally showing Batman in its series finale, after 5 seasons.  Under development on the DC Universe streaming platform is Metropolis, a TV show set in Superman’s city without Superman.  And getting ready for its second season premiere, once again without any Superman, is Krypton.

But even among a group of odd takes on super hero locales sans actual super heroes, Krypton is different.  Taking place 200 years before the planet explodes the series revolves around the adventures of Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El. But rather than just being a Gotham-esque deep dive into DC history, the series has current Earth character Adam Strange (no relation to the Marvel sorcerer) somehow time traveling and space traveling to this pre-destruction era on Krypton.  Strange has a mission to save the timeline and Superman in the “present” by keeping the destruction of Krypton on course.

As a premise, this is messed up.  In the first season Strange and Seg-El team up, with Seg-El only half buying Strange’s story about being from another planet in the future, their team up is contingent on Seg-El not knowing that Strange is really rooting for Krypton’s destruction.  But then how would Seg-El ever find that out?  Enter General Zod (as in “kneel before…”- that guy), another time traveler, who most definitely wants to alter the planet’s fate.  If Superman is never born in the process; so much the better.

So putting yourself in the place of an average Kryptonian, or just a person in general, which is the more moral position? To allow or cause for an entire planet to blow up, killing billions, to make sure one man (Superman) is born or to prevent an entire planet from blowing up, saving billions, even at the cost of one man (Superman)?  The answer seems rather self-evident, placing the villain Zod as the guy with the moral high ground, while Earthman Adam, who just wants to save Superman, as someone trying to ensure genocide happens on schedule.

There are plenty of gaps in the basic premise big enough to drive the entire Fortress of Solitude through.

How did Adam, a scrappy kid from Detroit, get hooked up with the alien Sardath?  Why would Sardath pick Adam, of all people, to go back in time?  How did Sardath even know the timeline, and Superman, were in danger?  What exactly was the cause of that danger (never explained)?  Why did Adam assume that Kryptonians would care about Superman more than their own world’s destruction?  How did Zod end up going back in time and why?

And for season two, with the timeline changed, Krypton saved, no Superman, and Brainiac conquering Earth, why would any Kryptonian help Adam reset the timeline ( in other words, destroying Krypton)?  The entire series seems as if it went to production long before the basic premise was worked out with major gaps missing from the set up.  It’s a tribute to the production that I actually found the show very watchable in spite of the gaps in the premise.  Or, these guys are geniuses and all will be revealed, in a way that makes sense, over time.

Who knows?  But I’m interested enough to stick around for another season and find out.


6 thoughts on “Return to Krypton

  1. I have to say I’m totally loving Krypton this season.. Nyssa is a bad ass and since I just caught up and don’t know if you are I’ll stop there..except to say I freaking LOVE Lobo..!


    • I’m almost caught up. I’ve not seen last week’s episode, but considering that this week is the season finale, we’re in the endgame (with apologies to Marvel Studios!). As far as Nyssa goes, her character has either been re-written, or has undergone a major life change. First season presented her as a scheming Game of Thrones type royal, conniving along with her father to advance her and her family’s status. Hence the loveless marriage to Seg-El seemingly for the purpose of producing a child with the correct bloodlines.

      Of course in season two she’s lost everything; her father, her position, and all that was formerly important to her. What’s interesting is that she seems to genuinely care for Seg-El and is interested in turning her court marriage into a real one (if Lyta wasn’t in the way of course!).

      And yes, she’s also a badass.

      As is Lobo. They haven’t found much to do with him this season, but he’s far more interesting than Doomsday, whom they’ve wasted several episodes on. Staying tuned!


      • Well Nyssa found out last season she was a clone as well and the weird robo-eye lady took her under her wing and that I think transformer her into what she is now.. with the help of Seg convincing her that she is a bad-ass, she finally became one.. and I think she’s always had a girl-woody for Seg, it just morphed into actual when she saw what and El really is instead of hearing about them from her jealous daddy all her life..

        I really hate

        Doomsday’s backstory was awesome but on the whole he was let down (I don’t think he’s dead either) and I agree, lobo or more brainiac woulda been better..

        I thoroughly enjoyed this season..

        And holy fuck nut!! When you’ve seen the last episode Google Kyrpton news.. !!!!!!!


      • OK I followed your orders to the letter. I first watched the season finale, Googled, and then discovered that it was actually the series finale! They cancelled the show. More Googling revealed the reason. Ratings had dropped from over a million viewers in season one to down to under 500,000 for season two. That’s just not enough to sustain the expense of a television show. This apparently was a surprise since the season two finale was written with plenty of cliffhangers that will now never be resolved. That’s a shame since Lobo and Seg-El teamed up to track down Brainiac and Jor-El, and the mystery of where the Zeta beam took Nyssa. One thing is clear, it’s a planet that is either at war with Thanagar or occupied by them, since Nyssa saw winged Thanagarians up in the sky. Oh and Adam finally gets his comics accurate Adam Strange space suit.

        So where are we now? Zod is under control and the civil war is over, Kryton’s moon is destroyed, but that is something that happened in the comics anyway, so maybe the moon’s destruction might have had more to do with the destruction of Krypton 2 centuries later than Brainiac snatching Kandor (which was thwarted in this new timeline)? Which leads to the biggest cliffhanger of all, the fact that the timeline has changed so that Superman never exists.


  2. “OK I followed your orders to the letter”

    Wow, our lives woulda been so different had you always done that 😁😘

    And yes they freaking cancelled it.. But they’re looking to hbo and other networks bc they don’t want to let it go apparently.. they also cancelled a Lobo spin-off that I didn’t know about but would have Totally watched!
    Frankly I’m surprised it didn’t do as well this season bc it got really great reviews and imo was a lot better than the first season, which I completely loved!.. and I was so very much looking forward to a 3 season bc of all the cliffhangers.. damnit man! History channel did the same thing with Six, which was a great fucking SEAL team six series that was gritty and realistic and awesome!.. but bc cbs has the boy-band version that has better ratings, history channel cancelled their better version..grrr

    Im gonna hold out hope that Krypton will be back..I mean with All the platforms out theyre needing content, someone has to pick it up…


    And hey, totally off track but what do you think of Jimmy’s (nee dirty) new show and the MoM without him? I think both are doing great.. but can’t stand Debra on Jim’s show and her forced “I’m a horny woman who makes everything about sex” schtick..


    • “OK I followed your orders to the letter”
      Wow, our lives woulda been so different had you always done that

      I gotta be me.

      I would be surprised if Krypton is picked up by another network. I just don’t think there is enough buzz or ratings to justify it. Maybe the DC Universe streaming service might want it, since they already have rights to the reruns, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      The whole thing about Lobo getting his own show always seemed weird to me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great character, but they put out that spin off show talk before the season 2 episode even premiered. They were really feeling confident for no good reason. I’m afraid we may never see how these cliffhangers resolved themselves. As of right now, Zod has saved Krypton so it’s a future without Superman. I don’t know how they would have resolved that.

      And in defense of the boy band version of the SEALS, I really like the CBS Navy Seals show! I think the military advisers on the show are really good. At least give it a try!

      As far as a Real Radio Update…
      First, I’m really liking the Monsters as currently constructed, Carlos is back, Savannah’s back, and even Jeff is in occasionally now that he’s back to being a musician again. I even like the Ryan addition.

      Frankly I’ve only caught Jimmy’s show a couple of times and…it’s OK but I just don’t listen to afternoon drive. I’ve been out of the habit since Jim Philips ran me off with the constant phoning it in and dumb games every half hour. As far as Debra goes, I’ve nothing against her and liked her when she came on to do the news on the Monsters, but you’re right, the tediousness of the forced horny old woman bit is Radio 101 and I find it hard to think that’s much of a draw. Maybe that’s all she knows.

      So when are you going to be back to blogging again? I would be curious on your take of the Trump era.


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