Mitt Romney and His Oath

At the start of the impeachment trial in the Senate, each Senator took an oath administered by Chief Justice John Roberts:

“Do you solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John Trump, president of the United States, now pending, you will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, so help you god? “

I’m going to argue every Democratic Senator, plus Mittens, violated that oath.

During the impeachment trial, the Democrats made an argument that witnesses were absolutely needed to for the Senate to have all the evidence needed to conduct a fair trial.  To that end, the Senate voted on the issue of calling witnesses:

“The final tally was 51 votes against the motion, and 49 in favor.

The vote dashed Democrats’ hopes of hearing testimony from former Trump national security advisor John Bolton, and it shifted the weeks-long trial into its final stages.

Two Republican senators, Susan Collins of Maine and Utah’s Mitt Romney, broke with their party in order to join Democrats in voting to admit additional evidence, but the majority, 51 Republicans, did not.

Democrats had needed at least four GOP senators to vote with them, and they fell short of that threshold by two votes. “

So every Democratic Senator plus Susan Collins and Mitt Romney voted to include witnesses because they regarded witnesses as vital to determine what happened.  As an aside, I would have preferred witnesses myself.  Considering how absurd this impeachment was, it would have benefited the country to have an impeachment trial in which everyone involved, from the whistleblower, to Adam Schiff, to Nancy Pelosi and the Bidens, testify under oath.  Heh, it could have been an amusing couple of months!

So what happened at the conclusion of the trial?

“On Feb. 5, the Senate voted 52-48 to acquit Trump on the abuse of power impeachment article and voted 53-47 to acquit Trump on the obstruction of Congress impeachment article. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) was the only senator who broke with his party, voting to convict Trump on abuse of power. “

So every Democrat, plus “Pierre Delecto,” after arguing that they didn’t have enough evidence and they needed more, decided to say, eh fuck it, and vote guilty anyway.  That seems a pretty clear violation of their oath to do “impartial justice.”  Justice was never on the menu.



7 thoughts on “Mitt Romney and His Oath

  1. So, this entire “impeachment” was a sham, just like our “elections” – go figure. So, I guess when it comes to someone labeled “liberal” crimes do not have to be committed (not according to me, according to two prominent right wing hypocritical shitheads), but when it comes to this con-man Shitstain-in-Chief who DID commit crimes, and continues to commit crimes (but hey, tax cuts for corporations and the ultra-wealthy, that’s what it’s all about – and wait until they get their hands on Social Security funds), his crimes are okay, he gets a pass. And pussy grabbing, infidelity, pay offs to whores, a foreign wife who gets a special visa for being a special genius, oops sorry, I mean jenius, four bankruptcies and screwing creditors (great businessman), refused to release tax info or academic grades, defrauds a charity, has his “school” sued, a bullshit wall costing money that he promised Mexico would pay, and golf he plays after promising he wouldn’t play golf, and let’s not forget – let’s NEVER FORGET – a cowardly draft-dodging shithead bone spurs motherfucker. Any ONE of those things would have been screamed every five minutes in the “LIBERAL” media if it were someone considered a “liberal” or any other bullshit label that doesn’t exist in our political spectrum. And you IDIOTS buy into it all. So, really, the only thing America is really number one at is the ultra-wealthy’s ability to loot and indoctrinate MORONS to support their bullshit. What our nation needs is DEMOCRACY, but we’ll be extinct before that happens.


  2. Just because you’re an indoctrinated non-thinking moron that can’t understand shit, don’t take it out on me. Big smile! By the way, my stream of consciousness always involves, truth, facts, logic, critical thinking and actual history. How about yours?


  3. Oh… so no real investigation… a passport found two blocks away… flash-burn fuel that melts steel… and two buildings falling right in their own footprint with no larger and much more costly damage around them (and luckily the owner updated his insurance just six months earlier)… two of those completely defy the laws of physics!! (But don’t talk about physics, that’s just science and everyone knows science is nonsense, Sean Hannity says so!) – So… those are “conspiracy theories”……………… First – you’re proving once again that you’re an idiot… and Second – enough about this, let’s get back to Benghazi and Vince Foster!!! (By the way… who was the head of the relatively new security company for the WTC? Oh, right Marvin… that’s just a fact, and coincidence, not a conspiracy theory. But if it were a company connected to Biden or a Clinton, then it would not be a coincidence. Amma raht, Bucky?) So… talk to me some more about fucking conspiracy theories, moron.


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