Coronavirus: Minorities Hardest Hit

In retrospect, I wonder why it’s taken so long to see an article like this.  From Propublica comes this:

Early Data Shows African Americans Have Contracted and Died of Coronavirus at an Alarming Rate

No, the coronavirus is not an “equalizer.” Black people are being infected and dying at higher rates. Here’s what Milwaukee is doing about it — and why governments need to start releasing data on the race of COVID-19 patients.

I think there must be a template document for articles like this in which [Crisis of the Day] afflicts [identity politics fill in] at a greater rate than that 21st Century supervillain, white males (boo! hiss!).  This does seem to have elements that I’ve seen a hundred times before:

Rich whites are at fault.

The coronavirus entered Milwaukee from a white, affluent suburb. Then it took root in the city’s black community and erupted.

Government brings back painful memories of oppression.

Then, when the shelter-in-place order came, there was a natural pushback among those who recalled other painful government restrictions — including segregation and mass incarceration — on where black people could walk and gather.

Because of racist lack of basic medical care…

As the disease spread at a higher rate in the black community, it made an even deeper cut. Environmental, economic and political factors have compounded for generations, putting black people at higher risk of chronic conditions that leave lungs weak and immune systems vulnerable: asthma, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. In Milwaukee, simply being black means your life expectancy is 14 years shorter, on average, than someone white.

The reasons for this are the same reasons that African Americans have disproportionately high rates of maternal death, low levels of access to medical care and higher rates of asthma…

Frightening racist statistics!

In Michigan, where the state’s population is 14% black, African Americans made up 35% of cases and 40% of deaths as of Friday morning. Detroit, where a majority of residents are black, has emerged as a hot spot with a high death toll. As has New Orleans.

Illinois and North Carolina are two of the few areas publishing statistics on COVID-19 cases by race, and their data shows a disproportionate number of African Americans were infected.

Dire Predictions!  Although to be fair, that characterizes virtually any article having to do with the coronavirus, but when it comes to minorities, is even more dire!

“It will be unimaginable pretty soon,” said Dr. Celia J. Maxwell, an infectious disease physician and associate dean at Howard University College of Medicine, a school and hospital in Washington dedicated to the education and care of the black community. “And anything that comes around is going to be worse in our patients. Period.


Although the article does ultimately make the reasonable point that demographic data, including race, is important in determining how and who is at risk.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks virulent outbreaks and typically releases detailed data that includes information about the age, race and location of the people affected. For the coronavirus pandemic, the CDC has released location and age data, but it has been silent on race. The CDC did not respond to ProPublica’s request for race data related to the coronavirus or answer questions about whether they were collecting it at all.

And as we all know, when America catches a cold, black people get the coronavirus.

Experts say that the nation’s unwillingness to publicly track the virus by race could obscure a crucial underlying reality: It’s quite likely that a disproportionate number of those who die of coronavirus will be black.

After all, the real disease is racism.

“We declared racism as a public health issue,” said Kowalik, the city’s health commissioner. “It frames not only how we do our work but how transparent we are about how things are going. It impacts how we manage an outbreak.”

And because of distrust, and racism, the “community” doesn’t trust or listen to Public Health instructions.

Knowing which communities are most impacted allows public health officials to tailor their messaging to overcome the distrust of black residents.

“We’ve been told so much misinformation over the years about the condition of our community,” Royal, of the NAACP, said. “I believe a lot of people don’t trust what the government says.”

Because…Tuskegee Experiment.

And of course businesses are forcing their people of color employees (POCE) to put themselves at risk.

Police and inspectors are responding to complaints received about “noncompliant” businesses forcing staff to come to work or not practicing social distancing in the workplace. Violators could face fines.

“Who are we getting these complaints from?” she asked. “Many people of color.”

Here that?  Many!

And in keeping with the Ta Nehsi Coates era…

“When COVID-19 passes and we see the losses … it will be deeply tied to the story of post-World War II policies that left communities marginalized…”

You guessed it, redlining!

With this basic template, you could plug just about any public issue into it and get pretty much the same causes and the same effects.  Expect to see more and more stories like this in the media.

19 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Minorities Hardest Hit

  1. You really ARE an idiot, aren’t you? I was being sarcastic, mostly, when I called you that, in the past. But, I guess I have to re-evaluate. So, I guess poverty, lack of basic nutrition and lack of access to affordable healthcare – those things are as natural as, say, a fucking earthquake. Amma, raht? Because that seems to be part of the ludicrous concept of your comments. So, I’m being a little presumptuous, but let me just speak for all intelligent, educated, compassionate, thinking people everywhere when I say, fuck you, and fuck your stupidity. ……….. Oh, and yes, I agree with one part – any issue can have this type of cause and effect in the LIBERAL media — Like the pictures during Katrina where the white people we able to find food in an abandoned convenience store, while the black people looking for and taking food were looting the store. Do you want the fucking pictures, or are you able to search for yourself? … Wait, let me guess – I have to provide the pictures as proof!!! So, you can then say it’s fake news! Or not a legitimate source. The only legitimate sources, of course, being your boy Trump and your fucked up imagination. Amma raht, Bucky?


    • “ So, I guess poverty, lack of basic nutrition and lack of access to affordable healthcare – those things are as natural as, say, a fucking earthquake. Amma, raht? Because that seems to be part of the ludicrous concept of your comments.”

      Yes. Absent group collective capacity to create and sustain them. Since no two groups in the US are of equal talent there’s no reason to fantasize that the things you imagine are naturally occurring wonders. They exist only so long as those producing excess have a tolerance for redistributing some of this excess. And, history doesn’t suggest that even generous people have unending tolerance for redistribution.

      Now, go away, you are a tiresome fool.

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  2. Ugh
    You are so right @MikeStreetStation!
    I live in NC
    Initially reports were that coved-19 was spreading equally among races
    Now, reports are blaming the rich and white and that minorities are suffering because of them
    A person does not have to be very smart to recognize the liberal media has pushed play on their talking points again
    Ignorance of the manipulation is not fooling everyone
    Great piece

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  3. ‘Racism’ is nothing more than a redistributionist meme at this point. Maybe that’s all it ever was. The premise is the same as all deep pockets liability not restrained by principles of contributory negligence or act of God. If an socially acceptable target, non-Jewish whites, can be fingered for any percent of the alleged injury then they can be forced to pay for the entire injury. It is effectively a reproduction of the junk science liability claims of the 90s.

    The structure of the scapegoating/lawfare being so carefully tailored around opportunistic targets reveals the nature of the hidden hand actors. Blacks, as part of the upper/lower coalition are the battering ram the uppers use against the middles. That Gentiles are perpetually acceptable targets for public blame and Jews are not tells you on whose side the resources of powerful Jewish institutions are being deployed. These are the kind of observations Lion did not wish to see on his site.

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    • I don’t think Jews are any more off the hook for the high crime of racism in the first degree than Goy. As the great philosopher Chris Rock said, “Black people don’t hate Jews. Black people hate white people! We don’t got time to dice white people up into little groups. I hate everybody! I don’t care if you just got here.”


      • Blacks openly hate jews and asians, at least where I live.

        But curle is correct that ‘the narrative ‘ doesn’t like to implicate jews. An orthodox community in new rochelle was the first covid-19 hotspot and nyc still allows groups of 10, one assumes to accommodate minyans, but the news hasn’t touched this. I mean you’re either on lockdown or you’re not.

        This is on the heals of orthodox spreading measles in the nyc metro because they refuse to vaccinate. Also treated with kid gloves by the news.


  4. It’s been known since the virus first emerged in china that it disproportionately impacts the obese. Chances are this is a greater confounding factor than is poverty. Unless you believe poverty causes obesity (some people do believe this). Blacks have the highest BMI of any group in this country so it follows reason they would be heavily impacted, no pun intended.

    The irony is poor blacks have better health insurance coverage than many middle/ upper middle class americans who face huge deductibles and copays.


  5. Not really surprising that Mike’s readers and supporters are morons also. ….. And NO I wasn’t talking about the photos of an asshole with beer… I was talking about the photos of the white people AND black people in two different photos HOLDING FOOD that they got from abandoned convenience stores, with SURPRISE – totally DIFFERENT CAPTIONS. Go figure. Idiots. Here’s something else for you… and then, with all due respect, you can all go fuck yourselves. Oh, sorry, is that harsh and did I hurt feelings? Because I guess only TRUMP can use language like that, because he’s a civilized leader and stable genius.

    And as Monty Python said, because we’ve become as fucking ridiculous as a nation – and now for something completely different.

    For the record, I am completely against this kind of comparison!!! Why couldn’t he compare this to the 1918 epidemic of Spanish Flu? (Which, incidentally, did NOT come from Spain!) That would be a more appropriate comparison!
    Headline – Surgeon General: This week will be like a ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘9/11’ moment
    This type of rhetoric causes stupid people to believe that someone is to blame and they need to be held accountable, as only the U.S. holds people accountable for things – by being bombed and invaded.

    And Shitstain-in-Chief, to keep the fingers pointing away from his total incompetence, narcissism, stupidity, racism, misogyny, nepotism, theft, outright and numerous lies, and cons against our nation, other nations and humanity, and being the dumbest asshole we’ve ever had in a leadership position in our nation, which says a LOT considering W, to be more than happy to kill many people somewhere to satisfy the ludicrous stupidity for national revenge.
    While other countries work together and cooperate as one world facing a serious issue that leaves no nation untouched, our self-centered, hypocritical, pretend-Christian nation continues to exercise rampant fucking stupidity!!!!
    Unless we act like inhabitants of the same one planet that we all have as only one of the many species inhabiting it.
    So, please keep in mind, after the dust settles, and who knows how long that will be, that IF in hindsight we see that Americans acted no differently from average Germans who believed the bullshit shoveled at them that caused them to not only support Nazi assholes, but do their bidding, I ONCE AGAIN, warned you all.


    • “ While other countries work together and cooperate as one world facing a serious issue that leaves no nation untouched.”

      Like China? BTW, did you get your favorite doll for Christmas last year? If not, there’s still hope for this year.


  6. On LOTB I wrote last month that Coronavirus was going to racialized. It had to happen, it was only a matter of time. Thabo Mbeki (past South African President) had once famously said that the cause of AIDS was racism, not behavior, not a lack of judgment, but racism pure and simple. If every other phenomena has been weaponized, why would progressives miss an opportunity to use Coronavirus, when it’s so tailor-made to fit their narrative.


    • Since every issue is racialized it was only a matter of time before this one would be too. I am surprised it took so long but I do recall that last month’s hotness was that Blacks were immune and this month’s hotness is that they are more vulnerable. I’m looking forward to find out how each community is worst off.

      There is some good news via this tweet from @TitaniaMcGrath. Her chart shows the breakdown of COVID-19 victims by sex, good news! Non-binaries are immune!


      • The East side of King County was the first place to get hit and there is no African American community there though there is a large Chinese population. Snohomish County, the next hot spot, has 2.5% black and 8.9 % Asian.

        For all their status as part of the people of color coalition, Asians avoid blacks so it’s no surprise that blacks got hit only after whitey got it. From Asians to Whites to Blacks, a conjecture but it follows a pattern. See, they finally have a legitimate grievance against Whites.


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