Why Trump should fill the Supreme Court Position

As if 2020 needed any more murder hornets to plague us this year…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a towering women’s rights champion who became the court’s second female justice, died Friday at her home in Washington. She was 87.  Ginsburg died of complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer, the court said.

Her death just over six weeks before Election Day…

Uh Oh.

Naturally the left went insane (again) almost immediately.

And between threatening burning the country down and civil war, it does bring up the totally legitimate question of whether the President should either hold off and leave the decision for the next President or just go ahead and pull the trigger now and try to ram another Supreme Court nominee through.

While mulling that over, I came across this…

Judge orders Michigan to accept mail-in ballots for 2 weeks after Election Day

Sept. 18 (UPI) — A Michigan judge on Friday ordered elections officials to accept mail-in ballots for two weeks after the 2020 election as long as they’re postmarked before Election Day.

The ruling substantially increases the amount of time ballots can be accepted in the state. Under existing law, officials count only mail-in ballots received by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Get that? The judge overturned existing law.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to extending the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots, Stephens also said a third party can submit a mail-in or absentee ballot for a voter — a practice described by critics as ballot harvesting.

As the judge ruled:

This court enjoins MCL 168.932(f) in this election from 5:00 p.m. Friday October 30, 2020 until the close of the polls on November 3, 2020, in so far as it limits the class of persons who may render an absent voter assistance. As a result, a voter casting an absent voter ballot in the November 2020 general election may select any individual the voter chooses to render assistance in returning an absent voter ballot, but only for the limited time period when assistance from the clerk is not required, i.e., between 5:01 p.m. on the Friday before the election and the close of polls on Election Day.

So in other words, the judge also overturned the law, making ballot harvesting legal.

So by having a partisan judge overturned the existing law in order to open the door wide open to electoral fraud means that it would be almost impossible for Trump to win Michigan, no matter how many votes Trump gets legitimately. The ballot harvesters will just turn in more ballots.

So the lessons I take from this is that Democratic judges ignore the law and constitution to get their way, so the right should do what we can to get a judge who respects the constitution on the court. The left intends to cheat to steal the election. We should recognize that and act accordingly.

TV Show Pitches: Poul Anderson Edition

In my continuing effort to pitch ideas for TV shows that I would like to watch, allow me to introduce science fiction writer Poul Anderson.  Anderson wrote science fiction from the 1940’s up to his death in 2001 and is considered one of the greats.  He would easily make most of the top ten best twentieth century science fiction writer listicles, and his work is extensive enough that it can supply an entire network or streaming service with shows.  Of course, the problem is that science fiction and other genre shows are expensive because of the effects and sets involved, and have a natural ceiling for an audience unless it’s the rare crossover hit that appeals to people that normally wouldn’t watch science fiction or genre type shows.

So that narrows the list considerably.

So let’s start with a TV show idea based on, as Anderson describes as, “one of the most popular things I’ve ever done,” The High Crusade.

Working Title:  Space KnightsKnights in Space!  Err…still working on this since the source material is called The High Crusade and crusades are problematic so…

Genre:  Science Fiction, Romance

Hot Take: Game of Thrones vs Aliens

In 1345 an alien ship lands near an English village while doing a scouting mission to colonize the planet.  Completely underestimating the threat of the low technology locals, a local Lord manages to capture the vessel and intends to use it to win the 100 Years war, and then roll back the Saracen gains in the Middle East with a new Crusade using the spaceship.  Ambitious right?  So he loads up the entire village on the ship to assist in the effort, only to be tricked by the sole alien survivor who sets the navigation to take the ship to the nearest alien colony world.

At this point that’s where I’d say the fun begins. Sir Roger, Baron de Tourneville, has to figure out how to take on aliens with advanced technology when they have only the barest idea of how things work, and have to bluff their way in dealing with other potential alien allies. Although it’s been many years since I read the book I remember it as being a lot of fun and this is a good moment for television shows that have characters drinking mead and wearing plated armor.  The story rolls out like an Arthurian legend lite and should have a lot of crossover appeal.

Working Title:  Flandry of Terra

Genre: Science Fiction, Spy Thriller, Space Opera

Hot Take:  James Bond meets Star Trek

In many ways this is a James Bond in space type of show, although the Dominic Flandry character predates Bond.  Flandry, a dashing intelligence agent in a declining 31st Century Terran Empire, shoots and seduces his way across the galaxy in service to the crown.  Unlike Bond however, Flandry does it with the full knowledge that the empire he serves is doomed, and is on an inevitable path of decline and crash, taking civilization with it.

Outside of the typical science fiction fans, it’s difficult to gauge how much of an audience there is for this type of show.  And it would be expensive.  As a writer, Poul Anderson was probably one of the best world builders in the business, but designing worlds isn’t like going from Hong Kong to Monaco.  It would require the type of money a network or streaming service is unlikely to invest in unless there is the type of angel investor that Jeff Bezos was for The Expanse.  Bezo’s liked the show so when it was cancelled on the Syfy network, he swooped in and bought it for Amazon Prime.  Any chance Bezos is a Flandry fan…?

Role Playing Election Chaos

I wrote a few weeks ago about the war gaming of the election ran by the Transition Integrity Project, an ironically named group whose real purpose seems to be simply to get Joe Biden elected, but behind the camouflage of a nonpartisan status  and a serious sounding name.  In the scenario that I mentioned, a replay of 2016 where Trump has an Electoral College victory but a popular vote loss, Biden wouldn’t concede and of course, chaos ensues.

In a follow up story in The Washington Post, TIG founder Rosa Brooks wrote an article fleshing out the wargaming experience with this take away, “A landslide for Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power. Every other scenario we looked at involved street-level violence and political crisis. “

It’s been said before, but the summary is:  “Nice little country you got there.  It’d be a shame if something happened to it.”

I don’t hold the war gaming as any kind of oracle.  These are leftists playing make believe.  But it does show the intention of the left; they are simply not going to accept a loss this November, votes or no votes.  They would rather burn the country and it’s institutions to the ground rather than let Trump serve another term.

Once they pull that card, it’s over.  American political institutions won’t magically regrow.  We’ll lurch from crisis to crisis until some tyrant ends the lurching.

On the plus side… OK I’ve got nothing.