End of an (Trump) Era

As wacky as 2020 has been, in many respects, the election hasn’t drifted too far from how I assumed it would go nearly a year ago. I had said that Trump had a chance, but it was a small one.  Then as we got closer and closer to the election, “events dear boy, events;” began to make their presence felt.  Still, Trump might have been able to handle the COVID and BLM issues all things being equal, but as I said last month:

A normal vs woke election would be good news for Trump, but there is still another wrinkle out there.  In 2016, we knew who the President was by the wee hours of the morning after Election Day.  This year, it seems likely that we may not know for days or weeks.  In 2016, the Democrats just did not believe they could lose; all of their smartest pundits and talking heads told them so, and they acted, or didn’t act, accordingly.  This year, they are well aware of the possibility and have pulled out all the stops to make sure that doesn’t happen.  And by all the stops, I mean election fraud and cheating.  The table is being set for that in state after state.

… The combination of open ended receiving of late mail in ballots and allowing ballot harvesting probably spells doom for Trump’s chances in States that allow that.  Although Trump could possibly win Michigan [or other close swing States] on Election Day, it’s unlikely he would still be the winner ten days later.

So I figured if Trump didn’t win on Tuesday night, it was pretty much over.  So this has just been a big “waiting for the other shoe to drop” exercise for me.  But now that the other shoe has dropped, it’s important to pick up the pieces and see where we are at.

  1.  No Blue Wave.   Frankly I didn’t know they were even expecting one.  I had cut out MSNBC, the Pravda by the Potomac, quite a while ago so I had no idea they were fully expecting to sweep the Senate too.  But I’ve read countless lefty (actually MSM) articles scratching their heads trying to figure out why Mitch McConnell wasn’t going to be beheaded in January by Chuck Schumer.  As I remember from the Obama win in 2008, victory only makes them angrier.
  2. The end finally of the Never Trump movement?  With Trump gone, can the hundreds Lincoln Project never Trumpers go away now?  Given that they supported a Democrat over propping up a “conservative” alternative this year, as they did in 2016, they have nowhere to go but hat in hand to a Biden administration.  So…they’re Democrats.  Their departure will be good for the Republican Party.
  3. Trump’s court challenges.  Trump will likely keep fighting as long as the courts allow, but the trail will be cold and there won’t be much in the way of relief as there never seems to be in voter fraud issues.  You can’t undo the fact that ballots were not segregated, as ordered by the Courts in Philadelphia.  The evidence is now safely buried in the Meadowlands.  However it’s possible that a combination of Trump court challenges and investigations by the DoJ Civil Rights Division could open wider investigations.  That will be a welcome change, at least until the Biden Administration shuts them down.
  4. Vengeance is mine.  As I said earlier, victory only makes them angrier.  The Democrats may not get to behead Cocaine Mitch, but they are for sure planning to behead someone.  Settling scores seems to be on the mind of the Progressive Politburo.


This is, to say the least, an undemocratic attitude.  However it’s très French Revolution.  Given how insane the left has gotten over the past 4 years, will they step back from the brink, or continue to emulate the worst characteristics of 20th Century Communist regimes?  Stay tuned.

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