Predictions for 2021

Democrats will take at least one of the run off Senate seats in play in Georgia.


China is going to make a move on the dollar this year.  I don’t when or how, but now that they have their guy in the White House, 2021 looks like the perfect time.


Google’s anti-Trust case gets settled or dismissed by servile Harris-but-also Biden Justice Dept


There will be another “stimulus” bill, with cash money for everyone as “Stimulus.”


Related to the stimulus bill, US higher education tries to wrangle a bail out, probably as part of the future stimulus bill.


There will still be some COVID restrictions up through the middle of 2021 regardless of the vaccination schedule.


A major amnesty bill will work its way through Congress, supported by the Harris-and-also Biden administration.

The Harris-but-also Biden Administration will try to get a tax increase bill signed by the end of the year, but won’t be able to get one through.


Most of these political predictions hinge on how the Georgia run off races go, so it could be a year of wildly successful prediction or utter failure, just like every year!

2 thoughts on “Predictions for 2021

  1. I agree with almost all your predictions.
    I don’t know about China moving on the dollar. Anything they do to hurt the dollar will be shooting themselves in the foot.
    Of course Big-Tech will buy more than enough Congressmen & bureaucrats to keep themselves safe.
    Four predictions tie together. They’ll screw with vaccine distribution, putting the blame somehow on Trump, in order to clamp down on the economy in order to justify multiple stimulus packages that they can pack with pork and then use that to justify higher taxes.
    I don’t know about them doing anything about immigration. No amnesty means keeping illegals frightened and within the Democrat Party control. I think the issue will just be ignored except for cuts to ICE for “budget” reasons, transferring the money to the IRS.
    They’re Democrats, so, of course they’re going to try to raise taxes. It’ll depend on the Senate to slow them down.

    My predictions would include rampant intra-party fighting by the Democrat Party as the Socialists, the Greens, the BLMers, the LBGQTRFDISVOPVers, et al refuse to accept that their factions won’t be able to get everything they think they deserve and steer their newly discovered power of cancelation to ravage each other now that the Trump target is gone.
    The Red Wave of this election is likely to strengthen in the mid-term elections in 2022. The party that takes the presidency usually loses congressional seats two years later. A lot may depend on whether anything is done about voter fraud or if we turn into a third world one-party kleptocracy.


    • Well I’m sure that “blame Trump” will be the standard response for any administration screw ups.

      The reason why I think amnesty will be high on their “to do” list is because that seems to be one of the biggest regrets of the Obama administration. It turned out they had a small window to get it done and blew it on Obamacare. Five years after getting their green cards the 11 (or 20-40) million new citizens will, if they follow the stats of previous amnesty groups, vote 80/20 for Democrats, meaning Texas will be a blue state and they won’t even need to cheat to make sure they win every Presidential election from here on out.

      You’re right that there will be a lot of intra-party squabbles among the various factions of the party, but on the other hand, the same thing will be happening on the GOP side so I’m not sure the Republicans will be able to benefit from it.


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