Rioting for Me, But not for Thee

For the first time in years, the media is outraged at a riot.  Specifically the “Capitol Hill Riot” in which Trump supporters rushed the capital building breaking into the floor and offices.

So who had in their bingo card Trump Supporting Vikings attack US Capitol?

Not to make too much light of it since 5 people died and scores were injured, and it should go without saying that I oppose this rioting and think the perpetrators should be caught and charged.  But that’s par for the course for me, I’m a law and order type of guy.  What’s new is that the news media and progressives in general have suddenly become law in order types themselves…at least in this one instance.

The hypocrisy has been fairly hilarious for me as the media has rushed to cover up prominent progressive’s previous praise of rioting, arson, and violence.  Of course I’m not the only one who noticed the irony and twitter is replete with examples:

I had a little fun at one of my online hangouts and asked some progressive types to square that circle on rioting.  As it turns out, they couldn’t.  I wasn’t simply trolling, I really wanted to know the thought process of opposing this riot, but being not merely tolerant but supportive of rioting that went on all summer resulting in scores of injuries and deaths, and cost upwards of 2 billion dollars in damages.  And of course history tells us that effects of urban rioting last for years; Detroit still hasn’t recovered from it’s 1960’s race riots.

Ah but the “thought process” boiled down to this:  George Floyd was brutally murdered by racist cops so it’s nothing like privileged white racists attacking the Capitol.  And also there was no rioting; it was only “peaceful protest.”


It’s why the left never acknowledges its own hypocrisy.  They are genuinely blind to it.  It’s not a matter of “pics or it didn’t happen,

…its pics and it still didn’t happen.

This of course is beyond merely scoring points in an internet argument; it’s an inability to have even the same language to describe an event.  I’ve no doubt that Ali Veshi, standing in front of a burning building, really did think it was “mostly peaceful” protesting.

It definitely changes the perspective on MSN reporting. As the Babylon Bee humorously addresses:


But seriously folks…This has chilling implications for our politics going forward, no common language, no common worldview, and one side has all the societal institutions on their side.

2 thoughts on “Rioting for Me, But not for Thee

  1. You know, I promised to never again comment on your MORONIC DRIVEL. But considering the attempted COUP by YOUR DICTATOR, I have to make an exception. Aside from your borderline treason – Here’s where you are WRONG (again) – Black people exercising their 1st Amendment RIGHTS to petition the government for a redress of grievances were ALWAYS met with riot police, pepper spray, batons and arrests, mass arrests! (and not just the small number of dickheads that actually caused violence – all Black faces) – and remember – WHEN THE LOOTING STARTS THE SHOOTING STARTS – But NOW armed WHITE TREASONOUS SEDITIONIST TRAITORS STORM OUR CAPITOL and they’re allowed to just walk right in – AND LOOT – AND SPREAD SHIT, ACTUAL SHIT, FROM THEIR ACTUAL ASSHOLES, in our CAPITOL. AND YOU ARE DEFENDING THEM BY CRITICIZING THE MEDIA – SURPRISE, FUCKING SURPRISE. – A real journalist in 2000 proved with DOCUMENTATION how Katherine Harris DISENFRANCHISED 9000 (9000!) LEGAL REGISTERED VOTERS (which wasn’t published in the “LIBERAL” MEDIA) and then the Supreme Court stopped the vote count and W (another one of your idiot heroes) “won” by 500 votes (500!!!!). And for the good of DEMOCRACY, so that our nation didn’t descend into the banana republic that SHITSTAIN made it great again, the Democrats conceded – leading, if you remember, to A WAR CRIME INVASION OF A NATION THAT DID NOTHING TO US AND WASN’T COMPLICIT IN 9/11 – but that’s okay, we’re MURICA, WE RULE THE WORLD. So, in short, my former idiot friend, and former military brother (I’m not brothers with seditionist assholes), I’ve been reading your bullshit, checking daily, but not commenting – because I realized long ago that you are not worth it and beyond hope (this blog blather entry is an example) so, finally, you’ll now get one hit a day less on your site and you can equivocally GO FUCK YOURSELF. Oh, and that goes for your fucking idiot buddies who commented on your bullshit also in the past that wanted to argue bullshit and nonsense against my facts and intelligence. FUCK. YOU. ALL.


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